Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lavender Jelly & Hand-Knitted Washclothes, Oh My!

Good Day, My Blogger Lovelies!

Last summer was a wonderful summer for the lavender in my garden.  It bloomed and flourished and almost crowded out the roses next to it.  No bother, I find those roses tedious anyway.  It was such a lovely, lush, fragrant cloud of cooling silver-gray and blue, it inspired me to capture it for seasons ahead.  And here is the product:

Lavender Jelly.

I made a beautiful batch of lavender jelly.  I'd never made anything like it before, but had complete faith in my beautiful lavender, and it did not disappoint.  Each time I open a jar, I am greeted with the sweet and spicy aroma of that fresh lavender.  When you open your jar for the first time, you'll find a sprig of once-fresh lavender from my garden; remove it and proceed to enjoy this wonderfully flowery yet spicy jelly.  No worries, my garden in completely chemical and pesticide free.  I think this jelly is especially wonderful on a faintly lemon-flavored poppyseed muffin, but I'm sure you'll find your own favorite combinations.

You may also notice a hand-knitted washcloth there in the picture.  That comes along with the jelly . . . just because.  I really enjoyed knitting this, and hope you enjoy using it.  It is 100% cotton and is completely usable as either a facecloth or even a dishrag -- that's how I use mine.  It makes doing the dishes and wiping the counters so much more pleasant.

A little bit of lady-like indulgence is good for the soul.  It can turn the mundane into something beautiful, even if only for a moment.

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Becky said...

OMG! Those both look wonderful! Renee' you are so talented! And to think... I just finished my first knitting project. I love that dishcloth! The jelly sound devine, too. I'll bring tea, if you're serving!

Weza said...

Hi I was going to follow after reading your two newer posts. I like how you write. :)
I have never heard of lavender jelly, I am intrigued. Would love to know how you make it.

Renee' said...

Becky -- Congrats on finishing your first knitting project! And I hear you're heading over to Ravelry. You'll never be the same now!

Weza -- Good point. I'll post the recipe after the drawing, how 'bout that? It's not hard, really. It entails making a lavender syrup first. Look for the recipe after Monday night. Thanks, so much, for joining my blog. I'm thrilled.

Anonymous said...

I love those dishcloths! I got a few when we got married over 22 years ago, and they are still in use--shabby, but still useful.


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