Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Blogtoberfest of Thanks

A word of thanks to all of you who have stopped by to visit my blog.  It is so inspiring to see so many people passing by.

As much of a talker as I am, it is less than inspiring to talk when you believe no one is listening.  I have been so re-inspired this past week.  I've already made some new friends with whom I believe I'll be in touch for a long time.  And those of you who take the time for even a brief visit, thank you.

I have had the loveliest time looking around, too.  I have joined several new blogs, and I don't join blogs unless I really mean it.  And I have briefly visited many, too.  But with each stop I have made -- whether I joined or not -- I have enjoyed something or another in each and every one.  Pretty amazing.  The other evening, I actually said something to my husband to the affect of, "It's really something how many wonderful and talented people there are out there.  Just amazing."  And I really meant it.

So I just had to stop, a little more than a week into this wonderful little festival, and thank whomever may see this.  I am humbled by your visit.


Ink & Button said...

Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Just got to look around yours as well - love it! Have a great day! :-)

Rainbow Child said...

what a lovely post!
I too am humbled and amazed that people actually want to read my blog hehe.
Blogtober has been such a wonderful oportunity to meet some amazing women.

Donna Lee said...

One of the great blessings of Octoberfest for me is that I meet new people! It's so cool. When I saw the list and some of the new blogs to visit, I was overwhelmed.

Weza said...

It is wonderful, isnt it. I am really enjoying blogtober. And I do love your blog!

created by Kylie said...

I’m loving Blogtober too, it’s so much fun and very inspiring to find so many new blogs that have like mined souls at the keyboard. It’s also exciting to have new people drop by and check out my little bloggy space, especially when they leave comments or join my small band of followers.

Becky said...

You're more than welcome :-)! I've enjoyed your blog, and toy with the idea of blogging, myself. Thanks!

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