Saturday, October 3, 2009

Clean Bathroom -- An End to the Suffering

Well, I got my first-floor bathroom completely scrubbed, disinfected, polished, and re-opened to the public.  I had closed the bathroom to all not-sick family members in an effort to contain the nasty stomach virus that wracked my daughter and my husband last week.  Thankfully, all the sick family members are well again . . . and worthy to share a bathroom.

No one is more relieved than my son. 

He wasn't sick this week, mind you.  He was one of the healthy ones.  Upon hearing the announcement that said bathroom had now been re-opened to the public, he sighed with relief, "Oh good!  It's been a hard week, Mommy." 

Yah, nevermind the ones who were throwing up and writhing in headache pain . . . my son had to actually go upstairs to use the bathroom.  Now that's suffering! 


1 comment:

Maureen said...

Children. It truly is 'all about me' for them, hence the term childish behavior.

So nice to see a fellow MD-er!!

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