Friday, October 2, 2009

Blogtoberfest: Fun & Free Stuff!

Oooh, I love a good fest!

I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin . . . dare I deem it the world capital of fests?  We had Irish Fest, German Fest, Festa Italiana, Greek Fest, Polish Fest, Mexican Fiesta, Afro Fest (yes, they called it that), Pride Fest, and, perhaps, the best known, Summerfest.

So this girl knows how to throw a Fest!

Blogtoberfest is a blogging challenge wherein bloggers pledge to blog everyday (which I already do, mostly . . . unless a family member is running a fever or some other concerning thing occurs) and you have lots of fun, engaging activities.  Any self-respecting Milwaukee girl (nevermind that I live in Maryland now . . . I have beer in my veins . . . er, that doesn't sound right does it) would have to get in on this.

So, it's Friday and the perfect time to Roll Out the Barrel of fun!

In the tradition of the wonderful festivals of my childhood, we will hold a raffle . . .

To enter?  You must join as a follower . . . hey, you had to be at the festival to enter the raffle, right?  So, come to the festival, grab a raffle ticket by becoming a follower . . . then enjoy the festival by roaming around, sampling the goodness (you know, actually READ some posts . . . a party in and of themselves!).

After a weekend of festivities, I will announce the winner of the raffle Monday evening, after 9pm EST (so you have until then to join).  I'll do it old-fashioned-style -- draw the winner out of a hat. 

So be sure you get your little snippet included . . . make yourself a lovely little follower tile (or leave it blank, if you really mean to) . . .

And you might win this:

Well, I don't actually have a picture of the item to show you yet.  I will take an enchanting picture of said (or unsaid) item and then I'll be back and post it along with a charming description.  Tune in tomorrow (Saturday, 10/3) for item details.  Okay?  Okay.

Until then, get yourself a good, festive snack and walk around a little . . . you just might see something you like.

P.S.  Come one and all -- if you are good enough to join and lucky enough to win, I'll send your prize wherever you happen to be!

Ooooh . . . Ahhhhh!


missy said...

Hi Renee. I came across you via the BLOGTOBERFEST!! Don'y you just love this concept.
I just grabbed "TICKET" by becoming one of your many followers!! Hmmmm...I need not say that aloud or else my children may commit me! LOL

I see you a knitter! Oh Renee if I told you how many times I tried to knit and how awful I failed we would be here all night!
Is it wrong of me to have a really fun knitting bag full of gorgeous yarns, every color and size needles and a half finished what would have been the most goregous scarf ever itting in my closet for a few years now? LOL

My Daughters have dared me to finish them both a scarf. Maybe I should ask for Truth instead of the Dare! Hee Hee


Becky said...

Brats and Kraut, count me in :-)! I love the idea! Thanks Renee'!

Renee' said...

Not wrong at all, Missy. You should see the extensive button collection I have when I can't sew a stitch!

And how about this? I used to cross stitch patterns and then take them to the fabric store to be finished into pillows. One of the women there said to me, looking at my work, one day, "You stitched this? It's beautiful work. But you still think you can't sew?!" I don't think, I know. Bizarre, but true. :-) I think we're going to get along just fine!

Hi Becky -- Nothing goes better with a beer than a brat!

humel said...

lol Cool - I'm liking this festival :-) Thanks for the chance to win a - er... mysterious empty basket?!

Jules @ MoonCat Farms said...

Thanks for entering me in your drawing. I have my raffle ticket in hand! This Blogtoberfest is a lot of fun isn't it?

ange_moore said...

I have my ticket - now for a wander 'round to sample the Blogtoberfestivities!

trashalou said...

Woohoo for Blogtoberfest!

Rainbow Child said...

Got my ticket baby!
I am loving this Octoberfest as i am comming across some wonderfully funky people and blogs :) come on over and see mine! im having a giveawya this week too

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