Friday, October 9, 2009

Angels (Drive?) Among Us

Do you believe in guardian angels? 

I do. 

I think. 

Well, I'd like to; let's put it that way.

I've been a little down about a couple of things lately.  Lots of hand wringing and a little sadness and lots of worry. 

So imagine the smile it brought to my face, yesterday, when I pulled up to a stop light and read the bright pink bumper sticker on the gold van in front of me:  I'm glad you were born.  Now, don't you think that's pretty unusual for a bumper sticker?  I do.  Perhaps it's me and my personal sensibilities, but I usually find most bumper stickers to be a poke in the eye, at best.  How nice, how surprising, how uplifting to read such a pleasant message.

Then I noticed the oval vehicle sticker next to it; you know, the ones with abbreviations for people's favorite destinations.  But it read with something I'd never seen nor heard of before:  Angel's Landing.   (I have since found that there is an area of Zion National Park with that name, but we are nowhere near Utah . . . so I'm choosing to believe it was something more unearthly than that.)

As the light changed and we proceeded down the road, I had to marvel at the positive impact those two small little signs made upon me.  And just when I really needed it. 

Then I got this silly idea that perhaps it really was an angel in that van . . . appearing before me, fitting herself into my routine, and shining a small ray of sunshine into my life for that moment.  What a lovely thought.  Funny that she should be so adept at driving a mini-van, but, hey, angels are amazing, aren't they?  Yes, they are.  I decided to stop dismantling the idea:  Take the moment as it was offered and don't over-analyze it away.

When we stopped at the next light, I just had to pull up next to the van and get a look at the driver.  Would I see a glowing halo?  Fluttering wings?  Rays of light?  I mean, that would really make her an angel, right?

Well, I didn't see any halo.  No wings.  No glowing light. 


But what I did see made me sure she was, indeed, my guardian angel. 

A yawn.  She was yawning.  A great, big, deep, long yawn . . . the signal of exhaustion.

Yep, that would be her.



Di in Indiana said...

Hon! That was indeed an angel. I was exactly what you needed at that moment. I, too, am glad you were born ;-)

Renee' said...

Thanks, SweetiePie. :)

Weza said...

An angel in Mums clothing perhaps? My friend had an angle experience. She had run ot of petrol on a road where no one drives...
She had to be at an appointment in 15 mins , it was imperitive. The nearest petrol station was ages away and she had her son with her plus no pushchair.
She was stuck. This was before cell phones.
She prayed.
Then lo and behold a car pulls up, with a gas can, and tops her tank up. When she turns around to thank the person, they were gone. This is a TRUE story. It happened in Christchurch New Zealand. AMAZING!

Weza said...

Ha just re read my comment. My friend had and angle experience... UMM meant to say angel. :)

missy said...

((((BIG HUGS))))Sorry to hear you've been feeling down. I wish I could get with you because you and I could have a great "feeling blue" party. I too have been blue so much to the point that I have abandoned my beloved M&M's. M&M'S YOU SAY? Yes.. in the past whenever I'm feeling blue I would just grab a handful on Peanut M&M's and for some reason, perhaps the sugar, I would always feel a little bit happier. Not so much lately. Perhaps the M&M's are to blame because my hips and thighs don't lie and they are telling me to LOSE IT!!

So here I am nearing a BIG milestome birtday feeling old, fat and grey!!

I think my Gaurdain Angel is holding a Ho Ho cake on a stick while I jog after it!! :) LOL LOL

Hugs to you.
-missy- who is now feeling better that she admitted out loud all the above.

Renee' said...

Weza -- That is SUCH a cool story! I love stories like that, "angles" and all! ;-)

(((Missy))) What's with us, Hon? We've got to cheer up and soon! I'm glad you felt better after posting, if even for a moment.

Anonymous said...

Gosh lovely post! I can relate to what you's beena toigh time for me as well and I can only imagine how seeing those stickers made you feel. Glad you feel better! As we say here in NZ "Kia Kaha" be strong.

Renee' said...

I like that, Chevgirl, "kia kaha." I'm going to try to remember it. I don't know what's going on, but it seems almost everyone I know -- and even people I don't -- are going through a hard time right now. (((hugs))) to you.

upinair2u said...

My guardian angel worked overtime for me a few times. I believe! : )

I love those uplifting bumperstickers!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I found you through blogtober...and have you read the Alchemist? I totally think the universe sends us signs, we just need to be ready to see them!

MiniMadWoman said...

YES, I believe in angels! Mine work double duty some days! LOL!

So glad yours made herself apparent to you that day when you really needed her . . .

Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

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