Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's Clean Up Time

If you've been reading this blog for more than . . . a day . . . you know the state of my house.  It's dirty.  It's messy.  It's disorganized.  It's all over the place. 

This is the result of our family taking on chicken-keeping this year and building a beautiful coop out back all spring and summer, my not feeling well much of this year, and the usual this-and-that that keeps us all busy.

Well, that's all about to end.

My house must be cleaned.  Pronto.

I have company coming.


To spend the night.

My father.

The giant sucking sound you hear is the whirlwind of cleaning activity that I have going in my house today and probably through the weekend.

There's nothing like overnight company to kick those cleaning routines into high gear . . . except, maybe, parental overnight guesthood.

I just got word of this visit last weekend.  It seems my father is sowing some of his retirement-wild oats by taking himself on a tour of Civil War battlefields in my area -- better that my father take this trip alone as his penchant for standing and staring at signs and their related open spaces is unmatched.  No one can stand and ponder longer than my father.  I'm telling ya.  And this can occur anywhere . . . long hours of my childhood were spent standing in hardware store aisles as my father pondered  . . . I still haven't figured out what.  So he's going by himself so he can ponder unrushed.  He plans to get around to us Monday evening.   

He'll arrive Monday evening and spend Tuesday with me.  He told me this sooo casually.  As if it wouldn't be noteworthy to me that he would be sleeping in this house a week from the moment we spoke.  As if the focus of my life was not about to be redirected for the next week.  No, it was up to me to detect the oh-so-subtle implication in his words -- that he intended to spend the night.  (My parents never stay here when they visit together.)  So.  Now I need to get the house clean AND select one of my kid's rooms and get that room cleaned myself.  I can't issue the usual edict to the kids and demand they clean their own rooms.  It has to be a good job this time.  Dusting and all.  Horseshoes picked up, even.  (A reference to the last time my son declared his room "all clean" despite having left a horseshoe lying in the middle of his floor.)

So off I go to finish putting out the Halloween decorations so I can put away the storage tub that has been in the hallway since this weekend.  Dog beds need laundering, floors need washing, rooms need straightening, everything needs dusting.

I mean it this time; no distractions . . .

Except maybe the few hundred blogs I have promised to visit and the many, many I have decided to follow . . .

Now be good friends and grab a mop and head over!


Rainbow Child said...

hahahahah GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i could do wiht a kick up the bum to get me organised too

Renee' said...

I could send my dad over for a visit . . . he seems to running wild these days! LOL

missy said...

Too funny. I spent the past few hours cleaning and hiding all that needs be because my mom called and she wants to come up for a couple days. I forget that my oven can hide err I mean hold so many pots and pans.

Mom is also bringing her dog Little Richard and with my two cats it will be an interesting time.

Renee' said...

LOL, "Little Richard?" LOLOL That's a great name!

Good luck with your mom and LR's visit. The last time my parents visited, they brought their dogs -- two old, crabby chihuahuas. Couldn't even look at them or they growled. Real fun.

ILEANA G. said...

It is nice to have visitors! it is fall and it is nice of you to start cleaning, if your motivation is your parents visit, maybe I should call mine for a visit tooo....
You are so fanny, I love to read your stories, Ileana

Becky said...

Now, if I was a really bad friend I would start singing the Barney Clean Up song, but I'll behave ;-)! I know you will get it all looking spiffy by the time he graces you with his presence. Will he notice if you don't? Will that matter? Just wondering... Go Girl! Go!

Sue said...

See now Renee don't you wish I lived closer, I would of done the cleaning while you did the decorations....

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