Friday, September 18, 2009

We Did It!

Whew!  I'm exhausted.  Exhausted, but . . .


I knew the fiber goddesses -- you included -- wouldn't let me down . . .

Okay, here it is . . .

(I haven't blocked it yet -- since I've spent the better part of the day fiddling with this thing, I thought I'd better take a picture and post it before it's time to go retrieve my offspring.)  

The colors are not this deep; they are about half the intensity, which I like much better and wish I had time to correct on this photo, but time is fleeting.

It is made of out a luscious (but sadly discontinued at my LYS) Noro silk, wool, and cashmere blend.  Yum.

It is my own design, but I borrowed heavily from the "Braided Neckpiece" in Loop-d-Loop.  When I began this piece with pre-bought yarn, I was sure to have enough.  I did.  I had too much.  Too much left to waste and too little left to make anything worthy of this delicious yarn. 

So, I decided to remake the scarf/collar the way I really wanted it which would also afford me the extra yarn to make matching mittens -- one of each color, with contrasting cuffs to make it clear the do go together.  ;-) 

Whew!  All done!

Now, onto the next project . . .

This is the part my family really hates.  When they hear I am looking for a new project they all say, "Oh, no!  Head for the hills!!"  Yeah, I'm known to get a bit obsessed into it until I find something I like AND am in the mood for AND have yarn for (since I am a chronic "buy yarn I like without knowing what I'll use it for -er").  It's an interesting process.

I'll keep you posted.


Becky said...

Congrats Renee! That is really nice! So, you ONLY have one project going at a time? I have no clue how to live that way ;-)! LOL!

Di in Indiana said...

Renee', Yay!! I'm so glad you got it done!! How in the world do you know how much yarn to buy if you don't know what you are going to make with it? Oh well, I don't knit so I wouldn't have a clue. Congrats and it is beautiful!

MiniMadWoman said...

Renee, what a gorgeous combination! You'll look smashing all decked out in your scarf and mittens!

I just bought myself some yarn and a pattern to make some fingerless gloves . . . I don't knit, but the pattern looked easy enough . . . wish me luck! If not, I may come calling begging you to knit them for me! LOL!!


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