Sunday, September 13, 2009

Out Sick

Yesterday, I had a cold.

Today, I am sick.

The whole kleenex-clinging, incessant coughing, nose running, nose stuffed, sleepless, sweaty. shakey, juice gulping, pill popping deal.


I'll see ya tomorrow . . .

when I WILL be much better.

I will, won't I? 


sniff, sniff


cough, cough



Di in Indiana said...

It sounds like the same thing I had several weeks back. ((((((Renee'))))) I hope you are feeling better soon. B & C were both sick with it yesterday. They wanted me to take the baby today so they could rest.....I said no because I didn't want to get sick. I feel so guilty ;-( Does that make me a bad mom?

Becky said...

(((Renee))) So sorry to hear you've got the crud! Here's a bowl of my famous cyber chicken soup, just for you! (________) :-)!

Dan said...

Time for some homemade ginger-lemon tea. My wife makes this for me when I'm under the weather and it always tastes so good.

Renee' said...

Thank you, my pals.

Hey, Dan, that's too funny you mention that lemon tea so specifically. My husband actually did make me some lemon and honey (a totally coincidence, I think) tea this morning. Mmmm.

Sue said...

(((Renee))) hope you feel better very soon.

Renee' said...

Di -- I keep forgetting to say: OF COURSE YOU'RE NOT A BAD MOM!! Don't feel guilty. Look at it this way, would you have asked the same of your daughter? She just must not have been thinking for a moment, that's all. (((hugs)))

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