Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School Daze

Aren't things supposed to slow down once school starts? 

For the parents, I mean.  Isn't it supposed to get a bit easier, with the kids back and school, occuppied and stimulated all day?  Not around here to make messes, need feeding, be bored, or wanna do stuff?

I always start out the school year brimming with enthusiasm and ambition for all the things I'm going to accomplish with all the new time on my hands.  I also look forward to the free time I'm going to have.  And each spring, I wonder where the time went and why not much is scratched off my to-do list.  Free time?  Ha.  When will I realize that, somehow, there is less free time when the kids are in school than when they are not.  I'm not sure how that's possible, but it is true.

For instance, take my day so far. 

Upon waking, I staggered down the hallway and woke my six year old and then presided over her shower, washing her hair and reminding her as she went along.  Then I laid her clothes out for the day.

Once I got downstairs, I did, indeed, sit down and have a cup of coffee with my husband, blessed maker-of-coffee that he is.  After that, it was a blur of hairbrushes, toothbrushes, folders, backpacks, shoes, and socks (in that order for some).  Somewhere in the midst of all that, breakfast was served and lunches were made.

I kissed the brood goodbye and waved as my husband drove off with the kids -- he dispenses them on his way to work. 

Then I sat down at the computer, to catch up with you fine folks.  Instead, I had my world rocked by an email sent out by the school principal late last evening.  A few phone calls and emails later, I was running upstairs to grab a shower, find some clothes, and throw on some makeup. 

Out the door for a meeting.  Said meeting, of course, runs over, leaving me running late to pick my son up from school (a result of the emailing).  Get to school, track down my son, sign him out, and explain to his questioning little self what is going on. 

Then we find a lovely little spot for a picnic.  A calm oasis in the middle of a tumultuous day. 

Then a quick trip to the grocery store for fruit.  And then a sprint around the store as finally an idea for supper descends upon me.  The few ingredients I need are, predictably, strewn across the store, forcing me to visit all four corners.

Crisis averted, I return my son to school, just in time for him to join his Spanish class.

Across town to pick up a new bowl for my fish.  (He seems to have issues with his latest abode.)  The next thing I know, I run into the mother of my son's classmate and end up spending the next hour talking about school, kids, daughters, life, money, and everything else that needs discussing when two great minds meet. 

Run home to put melting groceries in the 'fridge and, finally, check up on you fine people.

But no time to chat now, I've got to go pick my kids up from school, and then I really get busy.

Good thing the school day's over, all this free time is exhausting.


Patti said...

oh how I WISH I could stay home...but like you said-there is always somethign to do and the days just evaporate...

Renee' said...

That's the perfect word for it, Patti: Evaporate!

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