Friday, September 25, 2009

Five Things I've Forgotten to be Grateful For

While reading today, I realized that sometimes having a grateful heart and a thankful attitude toward the important things in life isn't enough.  Sometimes you must stop and be thankful for the little things; for they, truly, are the bounty.

So today I remind myself to be thankful for these forgettable things:

1.  Carts at the grocery store.
 Imagine carrying all your groceries through the store . .

2.  Mashed potatoes.
The taste, the tradition, the comfort . . .

3.  Knitting.
Fashioning something useful out of tatters of time and material . . .

4.  The over-eager committee-driving parents each school has on the PTA.
Lord only knows what the world would be like without them . . .

5.  Apples.
It doesn't get simpler, purer, or sweeter than that . . .

What have you forgotten to be grateful for?


Anonymous said...

Automatic ice makers
homemade applesauce

I have a sick child, and have been using the above a lot the past couple days. They bring a bit of comfort and temporary relief to one who is not feeling well.


tdjunkie said...

coming home after work
someone putting gas in the car

Renee' said...

I hope your child feels better soon, Gayla.

td -- coffee, yes!

Sue said...

Pledge, vinegar and baking soda
air conditioning (it's 100 degrees here today)

Becky said...

Hugs and kisses from loved ones. The giggle of a child. Someone holding the door for you, especially when you're tired. Hot tea. Flowers. Sunshine. A nice breeze. Laughter. A kiss from Dad. A job I love.

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