Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Jewel in the Jewelry Box!

Did you see that??  
Wooo-Hoooo!  A follower!  A new follower!!

Welcome, Jewel!!! 

I'm almost 4 weeks into this little gig, and I now see how slow in coming followers are, so I've decided to throw a little appreciation party for each new member.  The party will include a related and highly valuable party favor.  And you'll get some sort of rhym-y verse using your follower name.

Excited?  Me, too.

Here goes . . .

You joining my blog is like a refreshing dip in a pool;
I hope you won't think me a fool.


Captivating as the night sky,
I bet you make a pretty good pie.



I think you're cute as a monkey,
And your shoes are really funky.


Thanks for joining me.

(<-- that's shrinking laundry, btw)


What a sight to see,
Your smiling face at me.


Bobo Bun,
Oh what fun,
And such a Hon,
You sweet little bun.


I bet from party hops,
With such cool chops.


Patti Kryzanowski,
How do you expect me to rhymski,
With a name that is already pure poet-tri.

(<-- Marie Curie = Polish-born super-scientist  ;-)


Whew!  There!

Now that I've gotten in touch with my limericking side . . . I dare you to come forward and join.  (Come forward, Tin Man!)

(This is my attempt to make joining more attractive.  Perhaps I've done the opposite?  LOL)

Thanks for enduring my silly mood . . .

And a warm welcome and big thanks to all my joiners so far.  I hope I won't disappoint.



Patti said...

Renee, renee
you brigten my day

with your posts so funny
on lemons and honey

Renee' said...

Patti -- You're hired! :)

Di in Indiana said...

Renee' you are one smart "the day before school" cookie!!

Renee' said...

Oh, Di . . . you're so spry. :)

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