Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Sweet Sounds -- and Flavors -- of Family Life

Well, life continues to improve. 

Still didn't sleep that well, but due to having the living room all to myself, I could keep the tv on all night.  I am now an expert on the biographies of Valerie Bertinelli, Melissa Gilbert, and Mackenzie Phillips.  Yah, it was a long night.

However, things have perked up since then.

I picked up both kids from school with a sneaky new trick I learned to bypass the carpool line (only to be used in instances like this, mind you.)  Both kids were ready.  No really.  Even the girl!

Obviously, I was being smiled upon today.

We needed to get out of there promptly in order to make it to the speech therapist for my daughter's first appointment.  She is at an age where the "F" sound no longer passes for S, TH, T, or anything else but F.  This speech therapy practice is highly recommended and extremely hard to get into.  Things seem to have gone well and, already tonight, my daughter, if she concentrates, can say "suck" without raising any eyebrows.  More blessings. 

Home to a wonderful supper I had thrown into the crockpot earlier in the day.  Here's a super easy supper for whenever you don't have the time, but still want to look like a culinary genius:


Pepperoncini Beef Roast

1 approx. 3 lb. beef roast
1 jar (approx. 16 oz/473 ml) of pepperoncini peppers
garlic as desired

Put roast in crockpot.  Before doing so, of you desire, cut slits into the roast and insert sliced garlic cloves into the slits; as much or as little as you like.  Sometimes I just throw the jarred minced garlic into the pot, though; and sometimes I ignore it altogether -- it's still good.) 

Poor entire jar of pepperoncinis over roast, juice and all. 

Cook on high 4 hours, or on low for 7 hours.  Then pull the roast apart using two forks and stir around to immerse in sauce.  Cook on low another 30 minutes or so.

Serve on rolls, with peppers on the side if desired.

Note:  Tonight I used stew meat and the jarred minced garlic and served over brown rice.  Still pretty good. 


I burned the rice a little -- added nutty flavor! -- because I got so immersed in reading The Poky Little Puppy with my daughter.  I just love that book and the illustrations.  And I can just never get enough of a six-year old voice saying, "puppy."  Nothing sweeter.

So, as I said, life is good.



Becky said...

Ah Renee... sounds like you have been going all roly poly, tumble bumble, pell mell, all over the day! LOL! I love that book, too! How nice to have two attentive children, ready to go home. They get points fo that! Glad life is getting better, and you, too!

sarah said...

Hello!! At last I have found you! You came over and kindly signed up as my lovely number 49 follower and I have not been able to come over to say thank you.My computer is driving me insane! Still...I have had a little read of your blog(love the name by the way!) and its reaaly interesting.The recipe for beef sounds yummy - so I shall return for more. Do pop back over to mine as well - I'd love to see you again!Take care. Sarah x

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