Thursday, September 10, 2009

All Yours With Nothing to Say

Good Morning, Kids.

Nothing much going on today.  Nowhere to be.  I'll be on here intermittantly throughout the day.   

The house needs my attention -- every corner of it. 

Nothing like hobbling down the steps in the morning, thinking only of that first cup of coffee, only to notice a mess of webs around one tiny spider in the corner of the stairwell.  I was helpless at the first sighting, but I have had my coffee now and will return with vacuums blazing!

I need to bake more bread.  A couple years ago, I started baking my own bread for lunch sandwiches.  My family likes it better than store bought and it is way more nutritious.  It was quite the feather in my cap to me that my son claimed to detest white store-bought bread in favor of my homemade whole wheat bread.  Then I asked one too many questions and found out it was because the white bread sticks in his braces more.  I'm not sure what that says about my bread.

My son's betta fish died last night.  Poor Bob.  He was a fine, happy fish only hours before.  My son was devastated.  We buried him right away, out in the backyard.  Unfortunately, burials by flashlight are extra depressing.  My poor little guy.

The other one is in danger of being left at school if she continues to choose to play and fool around rather than listen for her carpool number.  Between you and me, I know the second letter of apology she's written and delivered to the school office this morning didn't phase her one bit.  sigh

Hey, I do have big news.  When I started my first load of laundry this morning, I finally used the last of the 10,000 lb box of detergent that's been taking up space in my laundry room for what seems like forever.  I opened the door and pitched that thing into the recycle bin so fast, you could hardly see it.  Yes, that's exciting to me today.  Sad, isn't it.

That's about all from me for now.  I'm off to find something to eat and then get to work.


tdjunkie said...

Here's hoping you find some relief in your duties. You sound like a wonderful Mother.

Renee' said...

Honey, is that you?!?!?!!! LOL

Sue said...

Renee' you know I would have stopped before the coffee and gotten out my vacuum and taken care of that web (ducking....and scurrying off)

upinair2u said...

I was doing laundry today, too. Joy, joy! At least that mountain is done for the next week.

Renee' said...

Sue -- We all have our priorities in the morning . . . mine start with being able to see straight.

Up -- I am proud -- and more than a little shocked -- to report I have bare bottoms of three of my four laundry bins. That is a rare, rare occurence for me because there always seems to be an oddball thing in the bottom that got there because it needs special care of some kind. I only have the red load to go!

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