Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Over the Edge

Well, the march toward suburban parenting continues . . .

My husband, once a long-haired, t-shirt sporting, torn-jeans enthusiast is now a den leader for the cub scouts.  As I took this picture last week, I couldn't help but wonder who was growing up more quickly, my son or my husband.

My SweetiePies.

As if that weren't enough . . . I am now the treasurer of this humble little club.  Me.

Do you think they realize I haven't balanced a checkbook in years?  (One of the many perks of marrying an accountant type,.)

So that's it.  It's official.  No more "edgy young adults."  Well, okay, "young adult" has been off my description list for a while now.  But edgy?  Oh, okay, edgy, too.

That's it.  We're suburban.

We may as well get a dog and a mini-van and call it a day.

Oh right.  Dog is six years old.

Van is . . . older.

Think there are any Thirty Something reruns on anywhere?


tdjunkie said...

Mature is the new edgy.

Di in Indiana said...

You are the only suburbanite I know that has chickens!!

Renee' said...

LOL, "mature" is the new edgy. :)

Di -- You're right, I suppose, but in some ways it makes us even more tied down. More tie, less edge . . . unless I listen to td up there. ;)

Sue said...

Renee Thirty Something is out on DVD. I agree with Di don't forget you have chicken, pigeons and a pond for fish....

Anonymous said...

Well, I want to know who sews on those scout patches? That has to be The. Worst. Job. Ever.


Renee' said...

You're right, Gayla, it is! But this year most of them were iron on. Yippeee! Most, but not all -- now why?!

Anyway, I'll take what I can get and sew the rest. ;-)

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