Thursday, April 29, 2010

Photo Tag

My pal, Mumsy, over at Raw Thoughts and Feelings has tagged me in the very popular photo tag that has been going around lately.

This is amazingly generous and kind of her since she knows I am not a photographer by any means.  If you want to see beautiful photos, visit her blog.  If you want to feel better about your picture-taking abilities, stay right here.

As I've watched this tag move through the blogs I follow, I have been amazed at the beautiful photos people have just languishing in their computer files.

Mine is not beautiful.  At least not to the distinguishing photographer or photography enthusiast.  But it is beautiful to me.

It's a picture I snapped as my precious little boy crossed the street all by himself for the very first time.

10th photo in 1st file

He was so excited and so proud of himself.

And I was proud of him, too, but I couldn't help thinking about my grandmother's axiom, "Every step they take is a step away from you."


As far as tagging anyone else, I believe almost everyone I know who would be certain to do this sort of thing has already done it, so I will not tag anyone directly, but if you would like to join in and have not yet been tagged, please add your link in the comments or email me and I will list your blog here.

Thanks, again, Mumsy. 


Beansieleigh said...

Awww.. This is such a sweet photo of your son.. and I beg to differ! I would definitely say it IS a BEAUTIFUL photo! It's one of those milestone moments that all us mommies can relate to! ~tina (Oh, and as for my photography skills, I'll stick with you, if that's ok!)

bad penny said...

bless - I don't like that saying stepping away from you - It made me sad ...but as a mum of teens, they are still pretty close by !

Mumsy said...

Your photo is just as beautiful as any photo, Renee', especially this one, there is lots of emotional sentiments in it..Thanks for playing along..

June said...

Rene, this picture is so sweet. What a milestone for him. I do not remember my first time crossing a street, but because you thought to take this picture, he will forever remember his. Great mom!
I just read your last two posts with great interest, and it hurt me so for you. I'm so sorry that you have this relationship with your parents. it made me wonder if I am doing all I can as a mother to let my children know how much I love them and if I ever make them feel unloved? Thank you for your wonderful post.

Cat said...

It's a nice photo, and more importantly, it's a milestone photo. I think it's wonderful!


Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Snif snif... every step is a step away from you...snif

Chicken Boys said...

Makes you wanna cry don't it? I left for Texas on January 8, 1998. My nephew was born on January 11th. He was my mom's first grandkid (she now has 7 with #8 on the way). He was 6 months old the first time I saw him in person. Now he's 12, and acts so grown up! It's just not fair! And he's probably not stepping away from you. He's probably dragging you along!

tdjunkie said...

That is a thought provoking picture of your son and him growing up. I love you new background\colors. Also, I have missed your curvy pin-up. Thanks for her return.

Marydon Ford said...

What a sweet pics of your son ... forging out his path one step at a time ... alone for the moment. It is these kinds of moments that still melt my heart & then bring a pang of pain ... eventually our lives will change as they become independent of us ... despite our closeness.

Sweetie ~ things happen in our lives, I am sorry that your parents have issues. You are just as sweet as can be ... again I say, sometimes you just HAVE to walk away for a bit, occasionally forever.

Sure lunch would be great ... look forward to seeing you again.

Have a great eve.
TTFN ~ Hugs in love, Marydon

Chickens in the Basement said...

Very cool! I just love seeing what folks take photos of and the story behind the photos.

farmlady said...

Cute photo and I love your grandmother's saying. It's so true. But... it's what they're suppose to do.

Jennifer said...

Oh I remember the day my older son stepped on the bus... never looked back! The moms went for coffee with the little ones. He looked so independant! Now he's 32 and the younger one is 29 - KAPOW! Jennifer peek in at jennsthreegraces

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