Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm Leavin' . . .

 So I'm going on a little trip this weekend.

Would you believe I haven't been on a plane in 5 years?

When did I get so boring?

Actually, I'm not boring. Ido lots of things. And travel. By car.  Kids and pets will do that to you.  But this weekend, I'm going all by myself . . . like a big girl.  On a jet plane.

And I don't mind telling you, I'm a little nervous.

How is it, the older I get, the more of a baby I become?  

I really hope I don't grab the hand of who ever is next to me and squeeze it for dear life as is my usual ritual upon takeoff. My husband never minds.

So . . . you're rid of me for a couple of days.

I'll be back next week to see what you're all up to.

Until then . . . whatever you do . . . don't talk about me.


tdjunkie said...

We will miss you. Make time for yourself and enjoy :)

Gail said...

Hahahaha. Darn, I had a whole post pre-written about you too!

Have a great time. I'm not a good flyer. At all!

Cat said...

Enjoy your trip!


Chickens in the Basement said...

Have fun! I have had to hold the hand of a terrified stranger before. You'll be fine! I'm jonesing for a trip. I love to travel by myself!

Buttercup said...

Have a wonderful time! Look forward to hearing all about your trip.

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Have fun on your trip. I haven't flown in about 15 years. I guess I AM boring. lol.

Weza said...

Enjoy your break. xxx

bad penny said...

Hated the first flight I did after first baby - I felt so responsible & anxious. Have a great time

Marydon Ford said...

G'morn sweet friend ~ Have a beautiful trip, enjoy yourself ... you & Sherry may well be passing in the air.

You are such a delight & we so enjoyed you ... looking forward to many more moments of togetherness.

Hugs, Marydon

Becky K. said...

Have a delightful time!

Becky K.

Di in Indiana said...

Where are you off too? I just got back from Florida. I went for 5 days to visit my friend. I just bury my face in a book as soon as I get on the plane and forget everyone and everything around me. I hope you have a wonderful trip! Love ya!

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