Friday, April 16, 2010

All Complaints Heard Here

My posts this week have been weak, I know.  I have been struggling for much good to expand on.  Not to say that there is no good, but I can't seem to get it to take up as much space in my mind as all my gripes.

So I address my post today to the complaint department.  Feel free to add.  Once they have all been compiled, I will print them out and flush them down the toilet . . . that is where most complaints end up, isn't it?

1.  I bought the paint weeks ago.  I gathered the supplies.  They have been sitting in the mudroom all this time . . . why has the mudroom still not painted itself?

2.  Why is my littlest chicken the loudest, and why does she sound like a seagull?  I think she knows it irritates the already irritated neighbors, which I can respect, actually.

3.  How am I supposed to feel about the kid I have been chauffeuring to school and back all week, the one who put the hole in my kitchen wall, the one who slapped my son at school yesterday?  I know he is worried about his mother, but still??

4.  Why are my parents so weird?  No.  Seriously.

5.  Why can't my husband read my mind?  I suspect he can, but chooses not to.   

6.  And why did Boston Rob get voted off Survivor so early?

7.  Why is the nature camp I wanted to sign my son up for this summer already booked?  No one seems to know what they're doing tomorrow, so how did this one week in July fill up so fast?

8.  How is it my kids are growing up so fast?  What happened to those toddler days and why can't I have a do-over?

9.  Why are they always out of the raspberry white tea I like at the grocery store?

10.  And why do I have to carry all these annoying little cards on my key chain in order to get a fair price at grocery stores now?  Doesn't the fact that I took the time to visit their establishment count for anything anymore?

11.  Why can't the post office give people packing tape if they need it?  Honestly.  Do you ever leave the post office without muttering under your breath?

12.  What is that mark on the wall in my kitchen and how did it get up so high?

13.  Why do my dogs insist on eating birdseed?

14.  And how do I keep my little dog from ransacking the grill in order to lick the grease tray?

15.  Why do people call my cell phone if my home phone is busy?

16.  Why are greeting cards so expensive, and why is it required that we send them?

17.  Why, when I turn the heat on in the van, does the a/c come on and why must I run said a/c in order for the heat to work in the back?  Do you know how terrible this is?

18.  Who puts all this stuff all over my house, and when are they going to pick it up?

19.  Why is my son always out of socks, but there are never any in the laundry?

20.  Why am I stuck in this rut and so weighed down by small things lately?

Alright, that about covers it . . . most of it, anyway . . .

What did I miss?


Mumsy said...

Oh yes, you did! Here it is: why do I feel so low of energy even when I just woke up?

Anyway, that's my complaints! :-)

Anna Bartlett said...

Why am I still up reading blogs when I know I should be sleeping?
Why are my hands shrivelling up before my eyes? Why is my memory failing when now is the time I most need to remember to use handcream?
Why do my questions look so silly when typed and yet I keep thinking up more in my head?
Love your recent posts.
Look after that extra kid.
You're doing a good job.
If you lived here we could get our kids together and have that talk about picking up your stuff. I'd like that.
Off to bed now though. It's late here in Australia.

tdjunkie said...

Why do people keep insisting I work today, even though it is Friday.

Why is it 80 now, but suppose to rain right about the time I get out of work. When I really wanted to grill.

Why, why, why...

I love your posts.

KeLLy aNN said...

The summer camp thing hit home.
We are already bombarded with the fliers and all pronounce boldly "HURRY ONLY SO MANY SPACES"..if that many more kids want to join, then hire more people and let them join,
it all balances out..

I just had a conversation with my son's teacher about how everyone is so busy, all the time, that the kids don't really have "friends" anymore. They never know what they're doing tomorrow...they really use that one A LOT! We laughed because when we were growing up there were two basic rule: Don't come in this house unless you're bleeding. and
You better be home before the street lights are on.
We can't ever get anyone to come over and just play.
Take comfort in the fact that this seems to be a somewhat universal thing happening right now.

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Answer to #19- Sock Monsters, they are real. I have one in my house also. Be very afraid!!!!

Chicken Boys said...

How about a hug. I complain enough to the people I'm around. William at work, Mike at home. Neither of which can fix the problems I have. So I will spare you. That "kid" needs love. Love comes in different forms. My parents' love my behind when I was bad. Not sure if you need to go that far, but a stern "mom figure" shouldn't be counted out. Hope you have a pleaseant weekend.

June said...

You are so funny! I have to say...I love your list of gripes. I so get the grocery store card thing. I love it when I pull the wrong one out and try to use it at the 'other' store. It does my heart good to let them know that their store isn't the only one I shop

Chickens in the Basement said...

This will make you smile...Did you know bird seed comes out the same way it goes in. How do I know? Riley Dog ate some, pooped it out, and ate it again! GROSS!

Hope the kid that punched a hole in the wall didn't cause the up-high mark, too!

You are due a happy weekend!

Tina said...

I hear you. Especially about Boston Rob. I quit watching after he got voted off. We moms need to stick together. I'll work on my own's even longer than yours and starts with "What was I thinking with this whole homeschooling thing..."{{hugs}}

bad penny said...

I can tick A LOT of these - if I'm on the land line then I'm busy talking to someone NOT call my mobile - but I ignored it once and it was an emergancy - oops !
Dog eating bird food here too - comes out as it went in therefore why eat it ?
Why when I ask my teens to help vacuum & dust they can do it double quick as can - but it looks trashed five minutes later ?

What was I thinking of when I got hens ?!!!

Cary on ding what you do - they get used to odd socks in the end ! xxxx

Knitty said...

Why did I read this yesterday and forget to leave a comment?
Why am I hungry between meals if I diet but am ok if I'm not thinking about dieting?
Why are my belongings aging so quickly? Surely that faulty refrigerator is only a few years old, not 16!
Why was our high temp 84* two days ago and today's is 47* with a wind chll in the 30s and a 30% chance of sleet?
Why am I asking why so much? LOL!

Jenny said...

Did it help? Sometimes venting does...what's worse is when it doesn't!

Sometimes it's fun to break something...

Sometimes it's fun to have a few "poor me" hours.

And sometimes, on a rare, rare ocassion chocolate really helps!

Hugs and hope things feel better soon!

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