Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So I'm watching some classmates of my son's this afternoon.

They are a raucous couple, by my standards anyway.

I've had to put away a little noise maker that usually hangs on my refrigerator because one would not stop activating it and then running around the house until it stops.

The other let the dogs in when I didn't want him to.

Then I heard what I thought was the house falling in while I was out of the kitchen. I come in to see a chair over turned, one kid on the floor, and a hole in the wall. !!! My care and concern wore off quite quickly when he refused to answer me or let me help him up and then laughed when I pointed out the whole in the drywall.

And they've only been here a half an hour!



They've gone now, but not before trying to make one of our chickens jump off the roof of the coop, throwing tennis balls into my son's pond, and (accidentally) kicking the dogs' water bowl over in the kitchen. 

I ended up yelling and forcing them to sit on the couch and watch Bewitched reruns.  That'll teach 'em! 

And I'm signed up to do this all week!! 

They're staying at the school aftercare program until it's time to take them home tomorrow.  That's crazy.

Sure makes my kids look pretty good . . . for today, anyway.


Jenny S said...

You WILL have the mother pay for tha wall fix right?? Sounds like you have your hands full!

Chicken Boys said...

You poor, poor baby! You certainly have my sympathy!

sissie said...

Oh my goodness, they sure are bad little kids. You poor dear, I hope you get through it.


Chickens in the Basement said...

Makes you wish spanking somebody else's kid was en vogue! What did his mom have to say? Hope she apologized or she'll need a spanking, too!

bad penny said...

oh dear boys ! I'm lucky mine is a gentle soul but the shock I got taking a group of bouy on a birthday treat - the noise level !!! It had been girls until then.
I swear boys enter a room totaly diffrently to a girl ! Now their voices are breaking & they are turning into young men... the smell in the lounge after a boy sleep over is awful !!! with girls it's all hair gel & body spray ......hang in there xx

Mumsy said...

I hope they are all back in school. Spring break is so over for them.

I came home from my boy's soccer practice and found 5 neighbor boys in my yard. The sight of too many rambunctious kids made me crazy!

Chicken Boys said...

What did you do to deserve this?

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