Monday, January 4, 2010

From the "Whoops" File of Parenting

Ever get the feeling you can't do anything right on a given day? 

So I went in to wake my daughter this morning and found her hot-faced, extremely drowsy, and complaining of various aches and pains.  Suspecting the annual holiday ailment had come after all, if a bit late, I kept her home.  I felt so ahead of the game . . . avoiding the dreaded call from the school nurse, noting that I'd rolled the dice and lost. 

I oh-so efficiently tucked her back into bed and encouraged her to rest.  After about an hour more rest, she was right as rain.  So right, in fact, she was wrong.  A lot.  Today.  We won't get into all of her misdeeds today; though I can be spotted lamenting some of it over at Anna's blog (Chickens in the Basement) earlier this morning.  Suffice it to say, it bespoke of a child who was bored and should have been in school today.  Ooops.

Well, you may ask, what's so bad about that?  Better safe than sorry.  No harm done. 

But you would only know half the story.

The other half entails picking up my son from school.  I picked up a pleasant, happy little boy whose day was reportedly "pretty good."  We talked all the way home about the new pens his teacher had passed out to the class today -- the first time using pens in school . . . a leap from nine right over to at least fifteen years old by his measure!  By the time we got home and he got his jacket off, he was pale . . . prompting me to ask, "What's the matter?"  He admitted having had a bit of a headache all day.  (uh-oh)  And by the time he'd put his lunchbox away and washed his hands, his paleness had turned red-faced and weepy, reporting a "big headache now." 

So now the one who was home "sick" from school is disappointed that the one who did go to school today is too sick to play. 



Chicken Boys said...

That's no whoops. Sometimes, not always, but sometimes, those kids are a step or two ahead of the moms and dads. I still remember some of my I-don't-feel-so-well days. Occasionally I wish I had them back. But that wish is short lived and quickly fades.

Chickens in the Basement said...

I tried to celebrate for both of us today, but encountered slow drivers, low inventory, and tight pants! And wouldn't you know, my children came home grumpy! I can be thankful they aren't sick and I can send them back tomorrow! Hope your brood is feeling better tomorrow. I recommend a couple of motrin and an early bedtime!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, you poor dear! I hope that the world rights itself tomorrow and that both of them feel right as rain! :-)



Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

I hope your little guy feels better soon.
Mine came home VERY grumpy from school, not sick, just grumpy. Too much holiday fun, I think.


bad penny said...

Ah was it a dose of Backtoschoolitis ?

My son is deathly pale & has a hacking cough - he gets his " train tracks " tomorrow so a day off school as I've heard it gets sore.

We are expecting the first snow here on the south coast so school will probably close anyway ! The kids live for the words " School's closed " !!!

hope your lad is OK x

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