Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And The Breaks Just Keep On Coming

So the saga continues.  You remember . . . the Christmas break that may never end.

My daughter went to back school today.  A good thing, I guess.  Except I think all her pouting last night burned any illness left right out of her.  You see, because the last two days before Christmas break were snow days ~ remember?! ~ my daughter's first grade class missed their class Christmas party.  Turns out, they had it yesterday.  (Why not?  Not like they have anything important to do . . . like teaching them to read, write, add . . .)  I expected acid rain to fall inside our own van yesterday afternoon when she saw most of her classmates all lined up holding their freshly frosted, heavily candied gingerbread houses at carpool.  I could feel my daughter -- all of 6 years old -- seething all the way in the back seat.

So guess who's home today?  Yep, the pale-yet-flush-faced 9 year old.  (Is that snickering I hear?  I don't find this funny!  Okay, maybe a little . . .)  My poor little guy had a headache to beat the band last night -- always a sure sign of impending doom and illness for him.  He managed to sleep most the night . . . that's better than I can say for myself.  I couldn't stop myself from checking on him several times after finding him basically sleeping on his head at 1am.  (No, really.  Can anyone other than those 9 and younger sleep on their stomachs with their knees pulled up under their chests?  With his arms at his sides, somehow, his whole body was pitched toward the top of his head!  Talk about a headache!) 

He's feeling better this morning, all sacked out on the couch watching Ripley's Believe It Or Not.  (I gave up after the guy with 600 rings pierced through his face and the other guy with the 25 lb. foot.)  Amazingly, my son keeps asking for more and more to eat and drink -- despite his chosen television program.  A good sign.

Perhaps, maybe, just maybe, possibly . . . everyone will be where they belong tomorrow. 


Tracy said...

Hi, Renee! Happy New Year! We're just back from our trip and catching up with you here... Feeling jet-lagged and heart-fuzzy after a sweet Christmas, good to be home and back in blogland. Very much enjoying checking in with your holiday postings. Wishing you & yours all the very best of love, peace & joy in 2010! :o)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Here's hoping. :-)

I was just thinking I can remember something similar happening to me when I played possum from school at that age, and I learned from it. On the bright side, I bet next year, if the party is called off due to snow days, there will be one little seven year old raring to get back to school after the holidays. You think? :-)

Hope everyone is back in order tomorrow and that you can get some rest, Mom!



LemonyRenee' said...

Just so everyone knows, both my kids really like school. My daughter, 6, would never want to miss school. I actually think she thinks her teacher likes her better than I do. ;-)

My son is too conscientious of a student to fake.

It's just the way things usually shake out over the holidays. Too much traveling, bad food, late nights, new viruses, etc.

Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

I laughed so hard at the acid rain comment!

Good luck tonight, get some sleep!
Hope he feels better soon.

Chicken Boys said...

The joys of parenthood! Good luck with that!

Jenny S said...

hehehe! Don't you love those pictures!! Knock on wood, no sickness in little one yet! I am hoping my hubby KEEPS his cold to himself!!

bad penny said...

Daughter's college took the decision to close today & let us know yesterday. Secondary school - BIG MISTAKE... allowed kids to go in - then sent them home at 11 !!!! WeeMan was off anyway getting his traintracks fitted and is sitting here feeling sorry for himself.

Have hauled daughter out of bed to help get the Xmas decorationd down with threats of a DOOMED year if she doesn't.

Hubby coming home early so we can all get out & play in the snow - well we get it so rarely !

Your daughter's face must have been priceless - did you get a photo - the scowling ones are great to tease them with later !
( and they force a smile out )

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