Wednesday, January 13, 2010

10 Things That Really Bug Me

I see many blogs are starting out the year on a good note and posting lots of lovely lists and pretty things.  And I've been really enjoying reading and posting the like.


There is another side of me, too.  And it ain't all sunshine.  In fact, I can be quite a grumbler.  And, actually, it works for me.  Once I get something off my chest, I usually feel better.

So I challenge anyone who makes it to the bottom of my list, to write their own list, should they desire.  (I will not actually tag anyone to do it, though, because I know some people try very hard to remain positive.)

10 Things That Really Bug Me
(I'll keep it to 10 as long as you understand there are plenty more where that came from.)

1.  When I end up thanking the rude salesperson who merely shoves my purchases at me with a grunt.

2.  People who do not cover their mouths when they sneeze.  (No, turning away does not count.)

3.  Yellow crocus flowers.  (Face it, they look like weeds.)

4.  Earthquakes . . . especially when they take from people who already had nothing.

5.  Martha Stewart.

6.  People sitting in the right-hand turn lane when they plan to go straight and thereby hold legions of right-hand turners behind them hostage all through a red light.

7.  People who walk through the door you held open waiting for them to grab, not walk through.

8.  How ridiculously expensive any and all toys are now.

9.  That I never, ever, seem to have a pen in my purse.

10.  Spiders.

Yep, that's right.  There they are.

Now, I certainly know there are worse things in life, but listing those could put me, and perhaps many of you, into a major funk -- if not worse -- for days.

No, I'm just sticking to those little chips on my shoulder . . .

For now.


Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

I am so with you on the holding the door thing. I cannot understand why people aren't saying, "Thank You" anymore. What is up with that?
I always say, 'You're welcome' to people even when they don't say Thanks. LOL

Chicken Boys said...

Okay, I got the corcuses (or is it croci?), but spiders? I hate mosquitos and gnats and such, and those lovely spiders EAT them! I love spiders!

LemonyRenee' said...

Save it, Randy! Along with spiders go all the other "ickies" you listed, all the same in my book . . . and, yes, I know from my son, spiders are not insects; that's why I have created my own category of "icky."

I happen to think God was crabby the day he did all the spiders and insects, personally.

Any -- I SO agree. People seem to be so coarse with one another lately . . . when we are all struggling and should be in this together.

I sometimes do the "you're welcome" thing, too, but have you ever gotten a look back like they were going to deck you? Yikes!

Beansieleigh said...

Well, I am glad you got THAT off your chest! (0; Great post! Love the one about the pen in your purse! I will have to think on this.. I am, in fact one of those people who tries to keep positive!.. But I think I could find the humor in this.. Maybe in either tomorrow's post or the next.. We'll see! ~tina

Gail said...

LOL Martha Stewart!!! Me too!!! All that perfect-home-maker-I-can-turn-this-matchbox-into-a-napkin-ring Arghhhh. Makes me sick.

And people who sneeze without covering up or at least turning - YOU SPREAD THE SWINE!!!

Great, great post. I'm taking it on.


Chickens in the Basement said...

I like this challenge! However, I'm not sure I can stop at 10! Guess I'll just have to choose my 10 favorites! You got my major complaint today already!

Jenny S said...

I am with ya on the spiders and the pen in the purse!! hehehe!

Weza said...

Im loving this post. Yep i too feel the need to gripe today. Hey and I hammed it up for the cameras, there really was very little anxt over finding a favourite photo, so no need to be sorry.

sissie said...

Oh don't get me started!
I really dislike emptying the dishwasher and putting the dishes away.

When you smile at someone in the supermarket or in a store and they look at you like you've lost your mind!!!!

People who talk with their mouth full of food, ick!

Toothpaste on the bathroom mirror.

Not saying thank you really ticks me off. I always say to that person, YOU'RE WELCOME!!

Thanks, I feel better now.


bad penny said...

I am SO taking this tag - it will be on tomorrow's post when I've whittled it down.
Martha Stewart ? he he I'm laughing !

Tracy said...

This was very refreshing, Renee! With all the up around blogland just now with the turn of the year, a little grit is a good thing. I'm with you on numbers 5 and 10. Can't stand spiders or most insects--anything in the creepy-crawly category. And while I think M. Stewart has some good ideas I can't stand her personality, and her voice gets to me... This is big, for I like most people... LOL! :o)

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