Friday, January 29, 2010

Bringing Order to Our Lives . . . Through the Mudroom

If you have a front hall closet in your home, I want you to take a minute and think of it fondly.  No matter its current condition.  No matter how over-stuffed or packed or messy it is.  Just think of all it holds and how it serves you.  Perhaps consider doing something nice for it today . . . a lovely doorknob adornment, a scented sachet, maybe just a little nod of appreciation in its general direction. 

We live in a colonial home that looks much like this.

If you've never lived in this kind of home, you might not know that closets are an issue with some of these homes.  It depends upon the layout, but it is not uncommon for these homes to have no front hall closet.  That is, no place to hang coats for front door entrants.  No place for their shoes, or schoolbags, or hats, or mittens, or umbrellas, or anything else.

In fact, it is a startling fact that our entire first floor contains exactly no closets.  None.  Really.  There are kitchen cabinets.  A shelved pantry.  An under-the-sink vanity in the powder room.  And that's it.

But we do have a mudroom.  So think about this:  a mudroom and no other closets.  Get the picture?  This poor little aisle of a room serves as surrogate front hall closet, utility closet, and more.  Its duties include:

1.  Keeper of all coats, jackets, and miscellaneous outerwear
2.  Storer of all shoes and boots, sandals, and rain gear.
3.  Keeper of all telephone directories, maps, atlases, etc.
4.  Storer of craft supplies and all extra paper.
5.  Faithful keeper of school supplies and overflow coloring books.
6.  Home of both vacuum cleaners and all mops and brooms
7.  Overflow pantry
9.  Veritable catch-all for things that should be in a closet somewhere.
10. Laundry room.  That's right, all laundry is delivered, sorted, cleaned, dried, ironed (if needed), folded, and packed for return to the user, in this room as well.

Therefore, the project for this winter is the mudroom.  I would show you a picture of its current condition, but then none of you would ever return.  I will show "before" pictures only once I have the "after" pictures to resurrect myself. 

Being that this room measures only 8 ft by 15 ft and includes three doors and a washer and dryer, this room is beyond challenging.  However, my husband and I both believe it to be the key to all the organizational challenges, shortcomings, and woes of, not only the first floor, but our entire lives as well.  Therefore, the mudroom must be made more efficient and functional.  Immediately.

We have begun by discussing flooring options.  He has his ideas.  I have mine.  Let me put it this way, there is a lot to discuss.

I'll keep you posted.

(Should I suddenly become unaccounted for, please check my mudroom first, then make a few calls to the nearest flooring stores, and then, well, stay calm and call for help.) 


Marydon Ford said...

I know how you feel, I did the mud room/laundry area last winter/early spring ... didn't make DH happy with the changes, but he got over it. It is now wonderful!

Have a beautiful weekend.

TTFN ~ Marydon

bad penny said...

HA ! I think I have a mud room too it's only small but it houses:
all shoes and boots icluding the very muddy variety, two Golden Retrievers plus smelly associated bedding; all coats - covered in dog hair & slobber:
washing mashine & tumble dryer :



storage is a premium in this house ...aaaarrrgggghhhh!!!

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Dear Renee,

I love this post of your on numerous grounds as it brings forth memories of our own remodeling in a house that has seen many stages.

We replaced the floor to our entire first floor, including the up and down staircases with tile. The decision process to settle on a title seemed to take forever as we looked at so many, but once we had four or five samples, we agreed quickly.

Every design decision made in regards to this house was after a good discussion with each partner sharing their views. In the end we each have had equal parts in how our house looks.

It can be done and lets face it, one will have more frustrations with the contractors that we need to support one another to make it through the trying times.

Warmest regards,

Weza said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Chickens in the Basement said...

Be warned! Once you have space to store stuff, you haul home more stuff! Before you know it, the garage is full, the basement is full, the hall closet you covet can't be opened without signing a waiver for damages, the shed is full...

Sounds like you have a good sized room to work with. Enjoy the process!

Anonymous said...

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