Monday, January 11, 2010

Favorite Things For Free -- No, Not a Giveaway

Well, that Penny at The Hen House is just a well-spring of inspiration these days!  Today, I follow in her footsteps and list 10 of my favorite things that don't cost a thing . . .

1.  Good conversations with all the time in the world.

2.  A good cup of coffee with a hint of chocolate in it.

3.  Fresh, crisp sheets after a hot summer's day.

4.  Colors . . . all of them.

5.  The look of my kids on a winter's night . . . footy pajamas, rosy cheeks.

6.  A beautiful view where I can see for miles.

7.  The knees on a newborn lamb.

8.  The place on my husband's face, between his sideburn and his ear.

9.  Parades.

10.  My son's eyebrows.

Now that the ball is rolling . . . I could go on and on . . . feel free to add to my list!


bad penny said...

aww, I've gorn all guey... gewey ? - you know melting in the middle !

lovely list xx

tdjunkie said...

Walking into my wife's arms after a long day at work.

Weza said...

I too did 10 things today, then tagged you... um this doesn't count ok. BTW that was a dirty trick, but it worked. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction.

sissie said...

How about window shopping, that's free!

Thanks for commenting on my post,
I love it when you come to visit.
I wish I could take credit for making the shell table, but I found it at HomeGoods a few years ago and just had to have it!!

Yes, go ahead and hang up those sand dollars, then you can look at them and remember.


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