Friday, July 16, 2010


I woke up this morning at 5:05am to an earthquake.

An earthquake?

We don't get earthquakes in the D.C. area . . . at least not very often.

It measured 3.6 and the epicenter was thought to be at the largest intersection near my house. We had dinner at a restaurant on that corner just last Saturday night.

It sounded and felt like a big rumble of thunder, but not from the sky. Then the house began shuttering and then a deep, loud boom, and the house seemed to lower and settle back down.

We felt an aftershock 11 minutes later, but no one seems to be reporting on that.



MomInTheTrench said...

hmmm. . .do you think it's a sign or something?

Roseanna said...

We had a 5.4 in upstate NY a couple of weeks ago.
It is an odd feeling isn't it? We have them every once in a while, seems we live on a big fault line...oh joy!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Glad you are ok!

I'm in the NE and our area isn't well known for them either. But we do get small ones, now and then.

We're on rock. And I suppose it, like all the earth's crust, gets to "wiggling-around" now and then.<--Don't you love my scientific analysis?!? ,-)

Claudia said...

I feel for you, having been through 5 of them when I was out in San Diego. They are unsettling, aren't they?


Mumsy said...

Whoa..that must be scary! Glad you're ok though..

bad penny said...

Wow ! It's unsettling isn't it - there was a small one when we lived in Antigua quite freaky.

Rose said...

Thought of you and prayed for you and yours immediately when I heard about the earthquake. Thankful to see all is well and intact. Very scary!


Weza said...

I grew up on a faultline so I go used to the earth moving under my feet. But when a big on hits and things go flying, windows break, it is scary as heck! I too have heard the BANG of an earthquake. I dont think that happens very often. Hope you arent too freaked out.

Tina said...

Wow. It's a small world. I woke up to emails and facebook status' about this. Then later I'm reading your blog going, "What? Another one?" I guess I didn't register that you're in MD. With a lot of my family :-) I spent ages 9 to 18 in Silver Spring.

sitting oh so pretty said...

Blimey...that must of been scary for you..I panic with a bit of thunder and lightning!

Di in Indiana said...

Wow! What a way to wake up. I felt the same thing the other day, but I live near a quarry LOL!

sissie said...

Now that would scare me too death.
Here on the coast hurricane season is coming and I dread that.

Glad you are ok.


John Gray said...

drinking again?

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