Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Taste of Freedom, Humiliation, and More Snow

So I haven't been off my street in several days. Snow, snow, everywhere.

With a forecast of at least another 12 inches due last night, I had to get out. I had to get somewhere, anywhere.

The minute my husband got home last night, I jumped in the van and headed to the closest thing I could think of:  JoAnn's. I took mercy upon my son and took him with me.  He hadn't been anywhere in days, either.  It had just begun to snow, but the roads weren't bad yet.  "What's the worst that could happen?"


We got to the store just fine.  I found my bamboo size 8 24" circular knitting needles easily, too easily, actually; I needed an "outing."  I wouldn't be out again for several days.  So we had a stroll around the store some more.

Ever the bargain hunter, I didn't stop until I found the clearance aisle. They had a bunch of those big tin stars 70% off. Those stars have never been quite my style, but I don't hate them. Honestly, I think I was desperate for something else to think about, so I went over to look at them. There were about 10 on one rack and one by itself on the other. I cleverly reached for the one by itself so as not to tangle with the rack full. The next thing I knew . . . and I still have no idea how it happened . . . they were all falling. One. By. One. Crash!  Bang!!  It sounded as if someone was banging two aluminum trash can covers together, over and over.  And then these long boards painted with rosebuds and girly sayings also began careening off the bottom shelf. No idea how or why those would even move! The noise seemed to go on forever. It was as if it was happening in slow motion.

Being that we were way in back by the employee stock room, an employee came running out of the break room still chewing her food to see what had happened. She said she thought the roof had fallen in. Ooops I focused my efforts on apologizing profusely while I helped her pick it all up.  She then went back to her dinner.

Still not to deterred from our scamper of freedom, my son and I continued shopping.  My son could hardly walk for holding his stomach from laughing so hard. The child can be quite the teaser when given some material -- no idea where he got that trait.  He was having a field day. And I couldn't really blame him; all the times we've told him not to touch things in stores.

We found a few more things to buy, and reluctantly proceeded to the check out. The checkout clerk rang everything up and suddenly I realize I left my wallet at home.  It was sitting on the desk at home (from when I needed a business card from my wallet). In my defense, I am usually fanatical about putting my wallet right back in my purse, but this one time I wasn't -- probably because I didn't think I would be going anywhere for days and days.

Well, I did have my checkbook and asked if that would be alright. Fine, as long as I had a driver's license number, the clerk said. Nope. My driver's license is in my wallet (right where it should be) only my wallet is currently at home on my desk!  I pleaded my case. The clerk said she would have to check with the manager. So she makes an embarrassing, and slightly hostile, call over the loud speaker. Who comes . . . you can guess, can't you?  Of course, the still-chewing woman from the stock room.  She turns out to be the manager. Imagine how happy she was to see me waiting earnestly and perhaps pitifully, at the register.

I again explained the embarrassing situation -- people were now, of course, gathered behind me in line -- and she refused. I offered to call home and have my husband tell it to me. Nope. Then, as nicely as I could, I implored her, it was only $35, it was not as if I was buying a sewing machine. Somehow, that changed her mind. She finally relented, but insisted I call home and have my husband read me the driver's license number (something I had regrettably offered earlier).  So, as if I am not embarrassed enough, I now must also bring my husband into the situation.  How completely humiliating. But I was not going home to face the next several days snowed under without the specific knitting needle required to make a certain felted bag that had been nagging me for days now.  Nope, I neeeeeded this stuff; it was essential.  (By this time, my son was practically rolling on the floor with smug laughter, but trying his best to hold it together because I had, by now, explained -- twice -- how this was not at all funny. anymore.  And to think I almost didn't bring him. No good deed goes unpunished.)

I finally walked out of that store with my dignity and pride battered and bruised, but I had my stuff, my bag of treasures.  I felt a peculiar mix of victory and defeat.  All just to get out of the house, once, before the next storm submerged us all in snow. again.

Now we have at least another 12 inches of snow added to the 30 from the weekend.  Everything is closed.  Everyone is at home.  No idea when the snow will stop or how where we'll put it all this time.

Good thing I've got my new bamboo knitting needles.


Mumsy said...

We are in Michigan getting our fair share of snow last night. They are talking of another one tonight.

Weza said...

That is one shopping trip I would kindly miss. Just think you were probably the highlight of the night for the manager. You are lucky you could pay with a cheque, over here cheques are basically only accepted from large business. Looking forward to seeing your felt creation. I don't know how i would cope been stuck at home in the snow. Hope you have plenty of food.

Chicken Boys said...

ROFL, too! What else would you have posted about? Sorry bout the snow. Enough is enough already! None here. Just cold and wet and windy. Very windy today. Please, I'm begging! Send on SPRING!!

KeLLy aNN said...

Mission Accomplished!!

sissie said...

So funny, well maybe not, but really it is! Glad you got your needles though so now you can get a project or two going.

Stay warm.


Di in Indiana said...

ROTFLOL!!!!!! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Too funny!


Marydon Ford said...

Renee, you are TOO funny! What part of MD do you live in ... I am in Mt. Airy.

We have a total of 54" now & I am loving every flake!

Happy Valentine's ~
Have a wonderful week!
Hugs, TTFN ~ Marydon

The Quintessential Magpie said...

LOL! Love it!


Sheila :-)

Maminka Girl - Loribeth said...

I really like your blog and the way you write...those clerks at JoAnn's make me nuts with their rules and complicated coupon schemes. Glad you got your knitting needles. Happy bizzard time knitting!

Chickens in the Basement said...

You are funny! I don't know why folks are so funny about taking checks! I think it has to do with the POWER to say no and torture others. So, how many of those tin stars did you buy? I want to hear more about the bag you are making to felt. I've been shrinking some wool sweaters to make purses out of. I always want to see what everybody else is doing!

I'm so sorry you have so much snow. The offer still stands to pack up and head to NC. It ain't warm, but the snow has melted!


Patti said...

Thanks for the chuckle...Your son must have enjoyed every moment of that adventure...I'm just hoping you have some yarn at your house so you can use the needles :-)...Stay warm, this is the first year in many that these storms have missed Central NY - and we are smiling down on all of you in the mid-atlantic!!

June said...

Rene this is the funniest post I've read in a long time. After bringing the store down with the stars I would have gone running to my car. You are made of better stuff than me for sure. You have to forgive your son for seeing the humor in the situation though. I am so glad that you did get your needles.

missy said...

LOL LOL LOL Too funny. I love that your son laughed at the situation. My daughters would have ran and hid with embarrassment.

At least your stars have a story behind them.


Four Seasons in a Life said...

Dear Renee,

I was smiling from cheek to cheek because I can very well place myself into your shoes, ah, lets make that shadow, I have big feet.

As much as I like being home, there comes a time when I just need to get out or go nuts.

Your writing style is a charm.

Wishing you and the family all the best,

bad penny said...

oh thank you for this giggle - I really needed it ( have tummy bug from Hell and can't leave the house because unless I can take someking of portable toilet with me ! )

Sons - aren't they just the best ?

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Oh boy that doesn't sound fun. Now you have your needle...bring on the snow!

bad penny said...

PS there is a little award for you on my blog - come & get it !

tdjunkie said...

Snow can't keep a good knitter down :)

Ellen said...

hehe sounds like something that would have happened to me! I enjoy your blog!

Tricia said...

Great story! Hope you are doing well!


Anna Bartlett said...

Oh that's hilarious. Good on you for persevering!!!

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