Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Own Family Circus

Our garbage pick-up is on Friday.

Yesterday, I noticed that our garbage can was unusually full for only 3 days since pick-up.  I couldn't imagine what had been thrown away to fill that garbage can so quickly.

So I asked the kids.

"What's with the garbage can already being all filled up?"

"I don't know.  I didn't put anything in there," my son said.

"It must have been Daddy," I concluded aloud.

My daughter added, "Or maybe he just put a lot of stuff in there."

~ Well, yeah . . . what did she think I meant?


KeLLy aNN said...

My hubby threw away two bags of concrete that got wet and set.
We didn't any tags or anything on our can...I did hear the crane on the truck kind of creaking though..

Are you gonna ask him?

Weza said...

So was the mystery solved? I assume daddy was not in the bin.

sissie said...

Glad to know that Daddy wasn't in there! LOL.


Andrea said...


bad penny said...

Huh ? so - what WAS in there ?

Susan from The T-Cozy said...

KIds do say the darndest things! (Remember Art Linkletter?) Anyway...did you solve your trash mystery?

bad penny said...

Hi again - answer to yours to me: guess it's just life !
I have NO reason to feel low - none at all.

sitting oh so pretty said...

Lol!! Thanks for giving me a chuckle!! He wasen't really in the bin was he? tehe!

Jenny said...

What a cute post!!!

Kids imagination are so wonderful - I love the way you wrote this post!

I can just picture your daughter thinking that you meant Daddy was in the garbage!

Thanks for making me smile once again:-)

Little Messy Missy said...

You better go check he could be stuck in there!!!!

Gail said...

Haha. Hmmmmmm maybe you have a sneaky neighbour....

Judie said...

Dump Daddy out and get that can to the curb before the truck comes!

I read your comment on Jenny Matlock's blog. You are good to go, girl--it's the rest of your family that is in the wrong. Believe me, I KNOW!

Tricia said...

Ah - how hilarious - maybe Dad was hiding in there somewhere? Well, have a happy 4th and a blessed Pink Sat.


Parsley said...

What a fun blog you have!

I read on Anne's blog you might want to join the recipe exchange. Goody!

Here's the link:


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Happy 4th of July!!!

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