Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good Company

I've got a Mother's Day present for you.

Each of you.

Mothers or not.  You all had mothers, or grandmothers, or aunties, or someone whose company nurtured you, kept you company, soothed you.

As Mother's Day approaches (here in the U.S., anyway), my heart is heavy with both joy and yearning for this feeling.

Both of my grandmothers have passed on, and I miss them.  The girl in me misses my grandmas for the joy they brought to my life.  The woman in me yearns to know them as women know each other, if they are lucky.

I wonder what they would tell me . . . now that I am grown.

I wonder what they knew that I was not yet ready to know . . . but should know now.

I yearn to sit with them . . . with all the time in the world.

It's not possible, I know it.

But, for a couple of hours this afternoon, I had, quite possibly, the next best thing.

I fell into it quite by accident -- television left on while I was busy with other things.  I sat down to knit a row, or three, and the next thing I knew I was completely captivated.  Most of the movie is improvisational, personal, true, and honest.  An amateur cast playing themselves, watching this movie was like being surrounded by grandmothers and aunties and elderly neighbor ladies . . . with all pretenses dropped. 

I laughed and cried and swooned and swayed.

If you crave the company of your grandmother, or any grandmother, clear some time to sit quietly with these women.  Having watched this movie, I feel rejuvenated and kept company.

Happy Mothers' Day to all of us who have mothers, miss mothers, or need mothers.


Little Messy Missy said...

Just added it to my netflix!

Chicken Boys said...

That was very sweet. My grandmother died in 1998 when I was only 22 years old and still in college. It seems like just yesterday. She was my friend. I would bring dates over, and the three of us would lay in her California king bed and watch movies while eating chips. I was heart broken when I lost her. I cried and asked God to be with her one more time. That same week I had the sweetest dream. Remind me, and I'll share it in a post. You're a real sweetie. Hope you have a blessed Mother's day.

tdjunkie said...

Early Happy Mothers Day to all.

sissie said...

What a sweet way to remember your grandmother. I miss mine so very much, she was a wonderful Grandmom and woman.

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!


Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Sounds good. Both of my grandmothers have passed as well. I just wish I would have had a closer relationship to them when they were alive. I didn't live close to either of them. I hope that I will have a closer relationship with my grandchild. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

June said...

Hey Renee' thanks for sharing the movie with us. I will have to see if I can find it. I love these kind of movies. Sometimes I need a good comfort show when Dales gone at night.
I don't need a studio maid, but I certainly need a friend to craft with. I'll set up a cot for ya out there.
I read your last post and I think it's funny, but I would just as soon my family didn't read my blog...but they do. I think all four of my daughters do and I know my mom does. My sisters just don't get it. They aren't into my kind of decor and neither of them garden. I also have a few face to face friends that found out I have a blog and they read.
Have a Happy Mother's Day dear friend.

bad penny said...

and to you - though ours is a different date over here. Mum & I talk a lot about the grandmothers mine and hers - both strong women. Mum's granny lived with them towards the end of her life & mum adored her. Sad but my children just don't have this same relationship with my mum.
I loved my grandmother Molly but she suffered from depression - I guess these days it would be diagnosed as manic or Bi Polar - she could be fun & vivacious taking us on lovely picnics in the countryside ...or dark & gloomy pulling the curtians closed. Mum said that Molly was such fun during the war - baking cakes for soldiers & having vicars in for tea! I would love to have known her then.
If you want a film (and book !!!) that's filled with maternal love in the most unexpected way then watch or read The Secret Life of Bees.

Knitty said...

I will look for this movie. Thanks for the recommendation. I agree with Bad Penny about The Secret Life of Bees. I didn't see the movie, but loved the book.

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