Friday, May 21, 2010

10 Things You Don't Know and . . .

Dear Randy over at Chicken Boys passed this task along to me in exchange for a lovely award and acknowledgment.  Thanks, SweetiePie!

10 Things You Still Don't Know About Me

1.  I had a pink streak dyed into my hair for my 40th birthday . . . and have half a mind to keep it all the time.

2.  My husband is 14 inches taller than I.

3.  There is an unusual phenomenon surrounding me and cd's.  Once I open a cd, the cd case disappears, never to be seen again.

4.  I chew gum to avoid tension headaches -- a lot.

5.  My daughter has reactive attachment disorder, and it is kicking my a$$ right now.  Therapeutic parenting is hard and unsatisfying and sad.

6.  I am more open-minded than people who think they know me give me credit for.

7.  I fervently want to have a goat of my own.

8.  My favorite candy is licorice allsorts . . . art deco candy, ya gotta love it.

9.  When I'm alone in the car, I have an amazing singing voice.  You just wouldn't believe it.

10.  I need more friends.

5 Things I Hate

1.  The color "Seafoam Green."

2.  Getting my face wet.

3.  Busy-body gossips.

4.  Polish jokes.

5.  Mean people.


Thanks again, Randy!


Pixie said...

you know, I hate getting my face wet too...which is why I take baths instead of showers. Always have!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I enjoyed reading this! I don't like mean people either. Why must they feel compelled to be mean? I just don't get it.

And I have an amazing singing voice, too! ;-)

And love making new friends!

Hope things become more manageable with your daughter's problem. Thinking of you as you go through this trial.

And a wet face? But what I dislike worse is getting water in my EAR!


Sheila :-)

Marydon Ford said...

So now we know! a wee bit more about our Lemony Renee, chuckle. I do not like my face wet either ... period!
Mean people ... I don't have time for them, they are miserable within their self.

So how did it go with the property ... biting?

Have a fantastic weekend.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Tara @ Sticky fingers said...

That's so funny, cause when I'm in the car I too have an AWESOME voice.
Must be something to do with the sound proofing or something . . .

Little Messy Missy said...

Need to see a pic of the pink streak in your hair....please.....

sophie said...

OK Lemony Renee...I likes your blog and even if I'm a pooch I'll 'get it'. Give me some time to get my act together...have a great long w/e...from a licking pooch..Sophie

Tricia said...

I love your post. This is a great way to learn more about you. Sorry about your daughter - I have friends who have adopted and have that issue - it is tough. We are in Scotland right now headed to the Lake District in England in an hour. My first trip abroad and it has been wonderful!


Knitty said...

Another don't-get-my-face-wet gal here! Who knew there were so many of us? I also don't like mean people which is why I am so upset with myself. Thank you for your kind words on that subject.

Good luck with your daughter. I'd not heard of that disorder as it is named, but recognized it once I read the description.

Tina said...

Keep the pink streak and share the candy! That was one of my favorite kinds as a kid, so much variety.

A Write Life said...

LOL, cute post. Laughed about the singing voice. Mine's great too.

Gail said...

I do have an AMAZING singing voice too. Seriously. I choose to only bless my car with it.
And licorise allsorts are My FAVOURITE lollies too. They are the best. Too good. God-sent.

I enjoyed reading this!

My name is PJ. said...

Renee, that was a pot pourri of information!

I loved the missing CD jewel cases!!

Maybe you could blog about your daughter's condition to educate us and to ease your stress??

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

You got a pink streak for a birthday too?!?

Well, I tried to have a pink tendril of side hair made Pink, for my 73rd birthday. But it didn't take well. :-( Have not tried it again.

Wish I could see a pic of your Pink streak!

Maybe I'll be inspired to do it again, and have it really "take" this time. :-)


kath001 said...

I've spent months growing and cutting all artificial out of my hair just to see what my natural color is these days. Now that I know, I'm toying with dying it a bright peacock blue. I called my stylist to ask about it, and he informed me that he would do some research, but that he didn't think the fun colors were made to cover gray. What?! I'm too old to be a blue hair?

diney said...

I used to have blue streaks in my hair! I also have a fantastic voice in the car - funny isn't it?!! And I hate mean people - kindness and generosity plus good manners make the world go round.

bad penny said...

Don't look at mine - I said I hate chewing gum !!!
I streaked my blonde hair black & I sing like an Angel but my teens don't agree.
I would read more about your daughter if you felt up to writing and so would all your other blog FRIENDS. If I lived nearer I'd pop in for coffee xx

Di in Indiana said...

Hi SweetiePie ;-) I always love to pop in here and see what you have for us. Thanks for brightening my day!! I'm surprised about the pink streak LOL A goat? I'm sure the neighbors would LOVE that!!

Bobo Bun said...

Hi there you

Glad you have a spot of pink hair and chew gum. All very healthy things to do.

When I described how I could put up fencing in some of the garden to stop the hens trashing the rest of it, my man asked "could we fit a goat in there then?".

Bet you have a goat sooner rather than later.

Sending love from over here X

bad penny said...

Renee, when Jess was a baby I got a dreadful pain under my ear - I was given anti imfflamateries for months. Didn't work. Eventually I was sent to a dentist who made me a gum shield as I had been grinding my teeth through tension ( new baby - didn't know WHAT to do with her ! ) The pain disappeared. I get it occasionally but goes by itself now.
My friend had a gumshield for headaches - you wear them overnight. Hope this helps a bit xx

bad penny said...

PS oh my goodness it's like the Oscars as you have an award waiting for you over at mine !

Jenny said...

I love that licorice, too! My son is 19" taller then his wife...but 14 is pretty extreme, too.

Things I also know are: it's OK to be happy when your world is a's OK to take time for's OK to check out of the chaos and frustration for awhile. It will be there when you get back and sometimes we all just need a little vacation!

Anonymous said...

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