Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Do You Share?

Thanks to all for your advice and commiseration about my seeming writer's block these days. You have definitely inspired me. Tina, I invite your prompt! I think that would be fun. Chicken Boy Randy, how could I not think to write about you!  I will definitely share more recipes.  I have a recipe for blueberry sherbet that will make you love me.  ;)  I think I can get back on track again.

But while you wait for me do dig out my favorite recipes or brace yourself for family stories or await Tina's prompt, here's something I've been thinking about:

I have not shared my blog with most people I know "in real life." My husband, of course, reads, but I haven't shared this blog with the rest of my family or irl friends (except you, Kathleen -- hi!). And the more I think about it, the more I am unsettled by it and wonder why.

Am I trying to hide something?  I don't think so.

Am I not really myself with them? I think I am.

Is it just me?

Do you share your blog with everyone?   

Does your family read your blog? Do your parents? Your children?

Is there anyone you keep your blog from?  Who?  Why?


Viki said...

I pretty much told everyone that I knew about my blog. Now though I don't think it was that great an idea. I feel hindered by some things I'd like to write but afraid that I would hurt some feelings if I blogged about some things. Although when I first started I was going to write mostly things about my mom for friends and family. I often think of writing an anonymous blog so I could be more free.

Little Messy Missy said...

Every time I post I link it to my Facebook, that way if my family wants to read it they can. I am lucky that most of my extended family is on FB so it works for me!!!

Knitty said...

My non-blogging internet friends (from forums) know about my blog and have read it, but I haven't shared it with neighbor-friends and in-town relatives. I'm not keeping it a secret exactly, but not encouraging it yet either. I don't post anything that would be hurtful so I'm not sure why I've been hesitant.

Tina said...

I've told my family members that I blog, and some of them read me. I especially like it that my dad reads, because he's a published author and I welcome his critiques. But most of my readers are new cyber friends. So far, I haven't felt hindered in what I say, but that day may come.
Here's a possible prompt, Renee:
Write about a time that you were really, really scared. (this is my boys' journal question for today)

Claudia said...

What an interesting question, Renee. I kept mine secret for quite a while when I first started writing. My husband knew, then I eventually told my sister, and then my parents.

But it is interesting - I have friends who know about the blog, but I don't tell everyone. For example, on facebook I have lots of friends and former students and I've never shared anything about the blog. I feel it is a part of me they wouldn't get. I'm careful who I tell about it in that world.


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Do I share my blog with everyone? Of course not!

Do I give a link to my blog, to some people? Yes.

Each "Share" and "Not-Share" decision, is for its own reason(s).

I don't "do" Facebook. It scares me.

'A.A. says Repeal'

LemonyRenee' said...

Oooh, I'm beginning to see I am not alone in my ways.

Tina -- Great prompt! I'll take it up tomorrow. Thanks!

Chicken Boys said...

I haven't hid my blog. But I don't talk about it much with my family. At first I was excited. I shared with everyone. But then I'd ask family members if they had read it lately only to be told no, and they need the url....again. My dad wants me to help him with his own, but I'm not sure he ever reads mine. He only asked once, and that was over a month ago. At this point, I just share and hope someone finds my ramblings at least somewhat interesting. At first I didn't want any of my Army Reserve friends to know about it for obvious reasons. But after what they did to me I could care less. They can all go jump in a lake......nicer words than I'm really thinking. And the sad part is it has nothing to do with me and Mike. So read my blog...or don't. I am what I am, as Popeye would say.

Lyn said...

good question. I have two good friends that read my blog but no one from work or family read it. I don't know why, like you I write what I like and I think if some people I know read it they would think I am 'showing off' or something. The friends that do read it are arty crafty types too so understand. I love 'meeting' new cyber friends and have met up in real life with two, so it is a good way to make new friends too.

bad penny said...

I receive a blank expresson from most of my friends... why don't you do facebook ? or- how do you find the time ?
I don't blog for my friends here - I blog for me - and those of you who I'm very pleased botrto read it.
An Australian friend reads it & says she feels like a voyeur into my life.

diney said...

I have told too many friends really, and regret it now as I have to be so careful what I post. Also my son and his friends, fiance and even his boss and his wife read it......I may have to start another anonymous one, but it's finding the time!

sissie said...

My husband and son know that I blog, but they really don't show much interest.
My sister and a few of my friends know about my blog and some do read it, especially my sister.
I'm not sure "non bloggers," really get it. When I'm asked questions like, "what do you blog about, what is a blog?" I find it hard to explain.

I look at blogging as more of something we do inside our own little world and it's special.


John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

certain things cannot always go in my blog

certain family tramas......things that my get used against me from the village.....
and the odd insult.....must never go in!


Chickens in the Basement said...

My family (Mom, Dad, Aunts) read my blog, but instead of commenting, they send me e-mails. My husband only reads it if I put it in front of him. My in-laws refer to my blog as "I don't get the bloggy thing." But let me talk junk about them and they'll surely pop over just for that post. A few of my friends are bloggers and we read each others but some friends I don't tell about my blog. It's almost too personal. Weird, huh?

Mumsy said...

I keep my blog from friends and family members, because I want to be free in writing what is in my head and heart!

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