Wednesday, August 26, 2009

R + K = 4ever

Today is our anniversary.

Years ago, on this day, the boy who lived downstairs introduced himself to the girl who lived upstairs and they lived happily ever after.

That's our story.  And it's true.

My future husband was first my downstairs neighbor.  I thought he played weird music too loudly and had strange looking friends.

He thought I was cute.  (That's all he admits to, anyway.)

He invited me downstairs for an ice tea and I never wanted to leave.  And I practically didn't.  We were together every minute we could be from that day on. 

It would be over five years until we got married.  We were young and had a lot to do before we got married, and we did it.  It's probably not as exciting as it sounds, it was mostly things like going to college, paying off bills, and making up with parents.  But, through it all, we were together . . . from the first day on.

So we celebrate this day even more specially than our wedding day as it is, truly, the day we began our living our lives together.

This day, all these years later, we will be together as a family, for our union of two has become a family of four.  We will take a leisurely ride heading toward the coast.  Whether we make it all the way to the shore or not will depend on our whim.  We'll stop at interesting shops, tacky landmarks, and whatever else strikes our fancy.

We'll hold hands and walk slowly and celebrate that we are together.  Where we go and what we do isn't really the point.  The point is that we're together.

 Love you, Honey.


Renee' said...

Ooops! I posted this the night BEFORE our anniversary. I meant to write it tonight and post it tomorrow. Think "Thursday" as you read. Thanks! ;)

Anonymous said...

She is even cuter now.

Di in Indiana said...

Awww! This is so sweet.

Patti said...

ahhhhh-how cute-love it

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