Friday, August 14, 2009

I'd Love to Stay and Chat

I'd love to stay and chat, but my house looks like a bomb went off, my kids are filthy, my pets are hungry, and my husband is out of underwear. I won't bore you with the other 99% of my list.

I have spent the morning vacuuming, scrubbing the kitchen counters, doing laundry, returning phone calls, supervising the kids, calling the local fish store about an aquatic concern of my son's, and making lunch.

After lunch, I continued vacuuming, fed the chickens and pigeons, and threw the seemingly bored kids back outside to play.

And I still don't know what's for supper . . . despite the repeated inquiries from my kids. (And why must kids know what's for supper so long in advance anyway?? We'll have to delve into that curiosity on another day.)

So my son just arrived in the middle of the kitchen (filthier yet) wanting to know, "Aren't we doing anything today?"

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