Thursday, August 6, 2009

Neighbors, Tedious; Chickens, Charming

Tedious = Neighbors

So we got chickens this past spring.

Just four little chickens.

They are sweet, and they are our pets.

We raised them from day 1 and moved them outside when they were old enough, mid-June.

Enter: Angry, irrational neighbors.

Now, bear in mind, these are the neighbors that have regular screaming matches. The octaves and decibels reached move most of us to shut the windows. It used to scare my children. Now they're used to it. They are the neighbors whose dog barked herself hoarse nearly every day for years. The neighbors who left a pile of woodchips to grow weeds and take years to recede into the grass. Those neighbors.

Animal control came out upon their first complaint. The gentlemen was enchanted and left here wondering whether he could swing having a couple chickens of his own.

Then zoning was involved. At first, they sided with the neighbors . . . until they realized they were "those neighbors." They asked us to plant a couple of shrubs and sent "those neighbors" a letter telling them to get over it.

Today a new animal control officer was sent over upon their allegation that we have more chickens than we should. She left here telling me she wished we were her neighbors.

What's next, ya think?

Anyone else have "those neighbors?"

Btw, here is a picture of the offenders all grown up:

Aren't they menacing?

Charming = Chickens

But . . . the chickens are SO worth it.

When we alerted the post office that our chicks would be arriving at their post office, the kids and I took the Post Master a little Easter basket filled with yellow Peeps as a "thanks in advance" gift. It worked. Our once giant, gruff, impatient Post Master turned into an excited, giddy little boy before our eyes and promised to call the minute they got there. And he did. Charming.

Chicks feel as soft as they look. Rubbing their little heads along your upper lip feels like a little kiss from heaven. Their peeping sounds signal such fragility and sweetness, you can't hear it and not soften and smile. Charming.

Watching chicks makes your soul smile. I did not make
this video, but I watch it often and it always brings me happiness. I dare you to watch it and give yourself a tune to hum.

They live outside now. The greet us when we go out back. They let the kids pull them in their wagon. They get any bugs out of the sandbox for my daughter. They keep the garden weeded, fertilized, and healthy. And when we call them, they come running like puppies. Charming.

Let the neighbors complain. Pity them the lack of joy and charm in their lives.


Anonymous said...

I wish I lived your family. You know how to enjoy life.

Renee' said...

Well, thank you. We try to have a good time.

Anonymous said...

when the chickens lay eggs you'll have something to throw at their house.

Lots of folks have chickens in our area-don;t know how they keep the foxes out though

Renee' said...

Good idea!

Maybe they keep them in an enclosed run? Poultry wire needs to be buried at least 6" deep around the perimeter of the run, etc. in order to keep them secure from persistent predators. Around here, we have foxes, raccoons, cats, and hawks. I let them out to roam when the dog is out there with them so they have someone to boss around . . . good thing he looks scary to the hawks anyway. ;)

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