Sunday, August 30, 2009

Efficiently Wasting Time

Please pardon my tardiness today.

First, I lost the battle of logic against the grocery store today, and took quite a tour through it.  And I have yet to put it all away.  So much for paring down the pantry.

Then, we all had a lovely lunch of turkey and tomato sandwiches, and then it dawned on me.  School begins this week.  I've known when school starts, but it hit me that tomorrow is the DAY BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS.  Perhaps the biggest and busiest day of the entire school year for a mother.  This was it.  As of tomorrow, it's alarm clocks, full breakfasts, a definite uptick in laundry needs, packed lunches, carpools, homework, deadlines, and firm bedtimes.

So I decided to use this afternoon to my fullest advantage.  To get one thing accomplished that must be done before school starts -- no time and not justifiable once school starts:  Waste time.  

Yep, I wasted an entire afternoon.  After lunch, the rest of my brood got busy with outside activities.  I slinked back inside.  Stealth-like, I stole away to the sofa and watched an entire movie . . . just me . . . in the middle of the day.  (Ever seen Calendar Girls?  I highly recommend it for a feel good chick flick with a brain.)   I could just feel my batteries recharging. 

At one point, my husband happened upon me, smiled, kissed my forehead, and wished me a nice time.  A keeper, that one. 

It was a lovely two hours of nothingness.  (For any of you who have not yet been there . . . I'm here to tell you.  It exists.  There ARE wastable hours.)  Any thoughts of uniform shirts or bread making were chased away as quickly as they arrived.  'Twas quite lovely.  (You must excuse my quaint British accent . . . the Girls have temporarily influenced me . . . for the better, I might add.)  

Here comes the brood.  They must be finished for the day.

Well, break time's over . . .

Tomorrow's the day.  The Day. Before. School.

Lots to do.

Guess what?

My son still needs school shoes.


Bobo Bun said...

Funnily enough I've got C.Girls on in the background here. Nothing so hedonistic as grabbing time for me though. It 11.30 at night and they're all in bed.

Good luck choosing the shoes.

Lisa x

Renee' said...

Bobo Bun -- Get to bed!

Patti said...

In order to "waste time" I need to give up sleep....sometimes it's worth it-lol

this weekend I did manage to "waste" some time-went camping and fishing. there was also a day this week-when I called in sick to work and went fishing ALL day with my son-wow-what fun!! until i had to come home and clean fish-lol

Di in Indiana said...

I've not seen Calendar Girls, but when I have my house back (soon, I think), I will get it and take some time for ME!! Thanks!

Renee' said...

Patti -- You're my husband's kind of girl!

Di -- Do it. I think you'll like it.

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