Sunday, August 23, 2009

How Quickly They Grow Up

It seems like only yesterday we had four little chicks in a playpen, snoozing under the heat lamp.

Tell me, how does this:
Turns into this:

And produces these:
In only 4 months? 

Pretty amazing.

My girls have grown up.

Now, we city kids, have to work up to actually eating homegrown eggs.  It seems a bit strange, but I am assured we will get over that right quick.  


Bobo Bun said...

Glad you came and visited Renee. Enjoyed reading your view of a wedding. Laughed at the poor couple leaving all dreamy with the screaming child waiting for them in the future.

Enjoy your eggs and get baking.

Lisa x

Renee' said...

Lisa, I plan to visit again . . . it was a lovely place, thanks.

Patti said...

Once you taste fresh sggs you will NEVER and I repeat NEVER go back to eating "store bought month old eggs" c'mon girl-if they didn't taste just WONDERFUL foxes would not go to the trouble they do to get to them-lol


Renee' said...

I know -- that was the whole point! I'm the same one who can't eat the fish I catch. I'll get over it, but will have to start slow. Maybe meatloaf? :)

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