Monday, January 10, 2011

Approaching Normal

Is it getting too late to say, "Happy new year?"

Every year, I think I go a little overboard wishing everyone I see for the first time in the new year a happy one.  I seem to have an almost superstitious compulsion to collect as many "happy new year"-s as possible, hoping that each one will feather my new year's nest and make for an even more wonderful year.  So, if I haven't wished you one yet:  Happy New Year!

The reason for my tardiness in this regard is a nasty, nasty cold I came down with on 12/29 and only just yesterday (1/9) began feeling human again.  Yikes!  My advice to you, dear readers:  If you feel yourself coming down with a cold right now, take it seriously -- run, don't walk, to drink your fluids and buck up those vitamins.  It is a bad one.  People around here have been being laid up for at least a week with it and the symptoms run the gambit, leaving none of the classic bad-winter-cold symptoms unsounded.

Finally, I have turned the corner.  I got out yesterday -- dressed, make-upped, even shoes on.  It felt wonderful.  In my celebration of life yesterday -- a.k.a. leaving the house for the first time in more than 10 days -- I took my family out for pancakes, the first non-saltine or broth food in almost a week.  Do you realize how delicious pancakes are?  Heaven.  Too good, really, to be eaten so casually . . . not that I let that stop me.  I had a nice little stack.

Then, off to the movies.  The King's Speech.  Wonderful film.  The performances of Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush were just magnificent.  Geoffrey Rush's nonverbal performance in this movie is breathtaking and, on occasion, heartbreaking.  Really, a beautiful movie.  Well worth the time and the ticket price -- a rare thing these days.


Now that I'm back among the living, I have much to catch up on.  Never have I been happier to do laundry!

Have a great day,


Jim said...

Happy New Year to you too!
Have to see that's on the top of our list.
There is a bad flu/cold hitting our area as well.....fingers crossed. Welcome back.

John Gray said...

I have just reviewed THE KINGS SPEECH
and loved it as much as you did
lovely to catch up

keri dito said...

Hey Doll. Thanks for popping over and noticing I'm missing in action. Just have had my computer time wacked in half, been sick three times in 30 days for some reason, and so uninspired. I'm not going far, I' shall be back with a vengence very soon.

Know what you mean about the approach to normalC. Can't wait to see the movie. It's on the tip top of my list of to sees.

Take good care, more later, keri

The Quintessential Magpie said...

It is never too late to say, Happy New Year! :-)

I had that same virus from the week before Christmas until this past Friday, and I'm still coughing. Not as bad, but I keep draining.

I'm wanting to see that movie SO much, and I just might sneak off and see it one day this week. Can't wait!

Feel better!

Happy New Year to you, too...


Sheila :-)

Knitty said...

Happy New Year to you too! There is nothing quite like feeling well again after feeling lousy. It makes you realize how wonderful an ordinary day truly is.

Here's to many wonderful, ordinary days in 2011!

Diney said...

Can't wait to get a chance to see the King's Speech - the reviews are all fantastic and Colin Firth will surely be nominated for an Oscar.

Lots of flu around our village too!

Andrea said...

Thank you so much for your precious words of encouragement on arise 2 write. GOD BLESS YOU! I needed to hear them, today.

sophie...^5 said...

Never too late to wish your supporters a 'HNY' even if I'm 4 legged. I take care of my guys with snuggles and licks, whilst they stuff all their homeopathic remedied down their throats. They do appear to work so 'kudos'for the alternative meds. I could handle some pancakes just about now...cheers!

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