Thursday, August 5, 2010

An Important Sandwich

A bridge was crossed yesterday.  A milestone reached.  And I'm not sure how I feel about it.

I was up to my eyeballs in paperwork, telephone calls, and official emails.  Lunchtime descended.  My son broached the subject of what to eat.  Food and serving food was the last thing on my mind.  What was on my mind was what was on the paper in my hands.

That's when it happened. 

Without even looking up from the document I was reviewing, I asked my son to make his own lunch . . . his own sandwich, namely.

And he did it. 

Somehow, while I continued to read on, he located the bread, the peanut butter, the jelly, the apple, and even selected a yogurt.

And he ate.

And then cleaned up. 

I finally tore myself away from my desk long enough to take him to his chess meet. 

And then I went back to my reading and my calling and my waiting to be called. 

And then we ran errands for three hours. 

And pretty soon I was kissing my boy goodnight.

And it was only after I sat down with my husband and reviewed the day's happenings that I realized that my son had made his own lunch for the very first time.  And my heart squeezed a little.

He's ten years old.  More than capable of making his own sandwich, I know.  And I know it is something he should be relied upon to do from time to time, with growing frequency as he gets older. 

But, from the time he was born, I promised myself I would not miss a thing.  I would not take anything for granted.  I promised myself, and my boy, that I would not wake up one day with a grown man for a son and not remember it happening.  That I would take notice of the little things, the measures of progress, and the milestones, for I fervently believe my great-grandmother's adage, "Every step they take is a step away from you." 

My boy took a big step away from me yesterday.  He made his own sandwich.  And from now on, it will be nice if I make him a sandwich, but not necessary.  Not necessary.

And it did, it snuck by me in an instant when I wasn't paying attention.

One more step away from me.

Time goes so quickly when you're watching a child grow.

My boy is on his way.

But as I look around the house, I am comforted. . . 

With all the socks he has still not learned to put in the hamper, he won't get too far.



Chicken Boys said...

Life happens, and it happens quickly. And if you blink, you miss it. But that doesn't mean he'll get so far from you you'll never have him again. I had a very nasty fight with my parents four years ago. We didn't speak or see each other for over a year. But since then we have mended broken fences. I visit when I can...often on weekends, and call regularly. thiry-four years of my life have zipped past my mom and dad. But I'm still there, still her little boy, still calling to ask for advice. Still eating the dinner she cooked when I go over, and still doing the dishes when it's all done. Yeah, life happens, but even when he has a little boy of his own, you keep playing your cards like you are (and I know you will) he will still be your little boy.

MomInTheTrench said...

But you finally noticed! And look how sweet it is to you. What a loving mom you are.

Tina said...

Oh, so bittersweet. I have a ten year old, too. He's growing way too fast. Thanks for the reminder to cherish the moments.

Knitty said...

This is a wonderful post. I hope he reads it 20 years from now when he will recognize all the nuances of this day.

Keri said...

Awww. I'm a sucker for a good sandwich story, or a good son/mother story. Nice blog you have here. I'm following.

Come and visit my sandwich blog, I'd be honored to have you as a visitor and/or follower! Take care, Keri

Keri said...

Okay Lemony, You're In and I hope you win. You're right on the G. Harrison Trivia... I can't believe how many people get that one wrong... You're a doll for coming by and entering. Take care, Keri

p.s. I'll be back so don't stop blogging.

Jenny S said... made me cry!

Jabacue said...

That must hurt but also feel good at the same time. Guess that's part of being a parent....letting them go bit by bit.

sissie said...

What a sweet post. My little boy is now 35 years yes, they walk away from your pretty fast.
Hold on to the little moments and sqeeze every second out of those moments.


Weza said...

I read this analogy once that as parents we are the center of a daisy. Each petal represents our children going out and returning to us. As the family grows up the petals get bigger, very much like the going out and returning. Our children are always connected to us. Your son, his sandwich is a sign of the petals growing. I love it. I love that you noticed, that it squeezed your heart, but that you are wise enough to know that he is growing up, and that you have decided to NOTICE. Great post.

Little Messy Missy said...

My son has grown 4 inches this summer... :0(

Gail said...

Go on, make me cry then.
I'm off the computer now to go and tickle my boy, who everyone likes to point out to me, has had another growth spurt. Fabulous.

SheilaC said...

What a wonderful post.....

parenting is a mix of two strong feelings. One we want our kids to stay little forever... and the other we want our kids to grow up to be strong and independent....


SheilaC said...

Time really does pass so quickly, and before you know it they have grown up, and look back and think.. how the heck did that happen! I was a stay at home Mum too, and even then, you still wish you had taken more notice etc., when the time has passed. The thing is, that when you are thoughtful, like you are, and you have the insight to remember to notice, even though we all forget to notice now and then, then you can't go far wrong! You obviously intend to savour each precious moment, and you are a lovely Mum because of that!
Thank you so much for you lovely comment on my blog, you have really helped me. I think you are so right about him becoming worse, he was getting worse, and bit by bit, we were avoiding certain things (I wouldn't let him to near anyone!)and I would not have liked to have stopped him having a good fun filled life. Thank you, your comment was warm and thoughtful, you can't imagine how it helped. My posts are usually more happy! I am glad you want to keep in touch too! Susie xxxxxx

Blissitydoodah said...

"broached the subject" LOL LOL!
I was just thinking about showing my 16 y.o. boy how to scrub the tub :) and hoping his brothers will take an interest too! I specifically remember making my own bed for the first time when I was the ripe old age of 13!

bad penny said...

I loved reading this ...I used to worry about mine getting older - "what will I do when they are tenagers" ??? !!! But we have changed & grown together.
You will enjoy talking to him about this in the future & he will smile and remember it too xx

sitting oh so pretty said...

Ahh bless your boy!!! I understand totally!!xxx

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