Friday, November 13, 2009


According to the dictionary, loyalty means faithfulness to commitments or obligations.  According to my own heart, it means a friend 'til the end, no matter what, rain or shine, happy or sad . . . or mad, always there; and next to my definition, the one in my heart, you'll find a picture of my dog. 

Is there anyone more loyal than your dog?

Our little guy has been such a faithful companion and loyal family member; our family wouldn't feel complete without him.

We rescued him from a high-kill shelter when he was a puppy, and he has repaid us each and every day with his happy demeanor, reassuring presence, and, if I may say, charming good looks.

Our home would surely not be as welcoming if not for the wagging tail and smiling-eyes welcome of our dog, as sure as the door opens when the key is inserted, there stands our dog, welcoming us home with his whole heart.  No questions about where we've been, why so late . . . just happiness and love  

Cold?  Down?  Nothing warmed me inside and out as well as spreading out the blanket next to me and inviting him up for a snuggle.  His warm, gentle nuzzling settles me right in.

The other night, he broke from his usual calm nature and woke the entire household with his incessant barking.  It was 2am.  Very unusual for him, unheard of, really.  Turns out, a raccoon had squeezed into the coop through the egg door . . . one more minute and our chickens would have been savagely killed by the intruder.  Alerted by our dog, we chased the raccoon out and secured the tiny door.  All safe and sound, our little hero and already settled back down to sleep.  I hate to think of the devastation our family would have felt had that raccoon not been stopped.

He protects us with all he has and he loves us with all he is.

And all this in exchange for a warm home and regular meals and an occasional nuzzle.  He is loyalty.


tdjunkie said...

What a lucky dog and family. A beautiful match.

Susan from The T-Cozy said...

What a good dog, and a lovely post!

Di in Indiana said...

I'm thankful for my loyal friends as well. Dogs, not so much LOL, but you know me and dogs.

Anna Bartlett said...

I am loving your posts this month - and we too have a little dog who found us last December and fits our family like a glove. Funny how that happens, huh.

MiniMadWoman said...

You said it all Renee' . . . thanks for sharing. I have to go hug my babies now . . .


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