Sunday, November 15, 2009

Football, Yes, Football!

Yes, football!  (My husband will be so shocked to read about my appreciation of football!)

I am not a die-hard fan; my interest waxes and wanes depending on what else I have to do that Sunday, that year, that phase of life.  I was a big, involved fan back when my husband and I were "single," i.e., before having children.  But babies don't watch football and I got busy and lost interest during those years.  I am working my way back to football as the kids get older now.  I like the dimension it adds it my relationship with my husband.  And I know my husband likes to talk football with anyone who knows anything about it, and I like to be counted in that group.

I also love football for the hours of fun and excitement it brings my husband.  Men seem united in some way when they like football.  They are lucky.  Though they may have never met and may know nothing else of each other, if they are both into football, they can converse easily for quite a while.  I often wish women had as unifying an interest.

Football also lends itself to lazy Sunday afternoons, something I seem to savor more them most in my family.  All summer long, we are outside doing or planting or putting . . . all the while, I feel the call of a lounge chair on Sunday afternoons.  Fall football seems to finally send that call through all of us in the family.

So, today, I spotlight football as something I am grateful for.  (Surprise, Honey!)  I love the commaradarie it brings to my family and to all men who watch.  I love the repose it brings to fall Sundays. 

And dare I say, the season is too short?  Just about the time that the holiday hoopla is over and winter Sundays begin to get a bit dull, it's over . . . that never quite makes sense to me. 

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MiniMadWoman said...

Renee', I can't say that I'm a big fan of football, but I do enjoy going to the college games when we get the chance. I go for the popcorn and the bands though! LOL!

I do appreciate football though . . . it keeps my husband busy so I can do other things! LOL!

Enjoy the rest of the season!


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