Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Entry 2, My Children

My children. 

I don't think I was completely alive until I had my children.  It took my husband and I quite a while to conceive our first child.  At that time, I thought it was an agonizing, cruel time to wait.  Now that all turned out well, I am thankful for that time, for in that wait, I was confronted with just how very much I wanted children and prepared my heart to never forget what a blessing they are.

They have awakened depths in me I never knew were there.

They make me laugh, and they make me cry.

They show me beauty in things I would have ignored.

That cheerful, "Hi Mommy!" from a scruffy-haired boy first thing in the morning, brightens my bleary-eyed view.  The kiss goodbye as they head out for school, tides me over until the afternoon when I see their smiling faces waiting for me at school.  And that sweet kiss goodnight and a call, "good night!" from their beds makes my day complete.  How blessed I am to have such sweet punctuations to each segment of my day.

For my children, my heart abounds with gratitude.


Kathleen said...

Beautifully said. I miss mine sooo much now that they are both in college. I can't wait for Thansgiving!

Weza said...

This is so true. Beautiful.

XUE said...

I can fully relate to this too as it took me 3 years of fertility treatment, countless injections before conceiving both children. My son turned 12 last month & my daughter is now 9 1/2.
Warm greetings to you & yr family from Tokyo! We are a mixed Asian/European family & our children attends the German school here where they learn German, English, Japanese & for my 6th Grader son, French in addition.

Gail said...

Your first sentence is very me too.
I love this post.

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