Monday, March 22, 2010

Sugar Eggs

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved panorama eggs. 

Each Easter I would hope and pray for one.  I loved the way they glistened and sparkled.  All the pastel colors of spring replicated in sugar.  Bliss.

And a look inside was like peering through a looking glass and into a magical little world. 

For some reason, my Easter Bunny never saw fit to bring me one of these eggs, and when I would share my disappointment with my mother, she would explain that those eggs weren't really for eating.  Somehow, she thought this fact would assure me I was better off with the standard Easter candy, but I really, really always wanted one of those eggs.  I never planned to eat it.  I would have kept it forever.

Apparently, I wasn't alone.  Each Easter, I love to look at the vintage panorama eggs on eBay and Etsy.  Some of the eggs are 60 years old.  I was not the only one with plans to keep their egg forever!  Now I do have a couple of these lovely eggs, and I treasure them.  They are vintage, and they are as wonderful as I always thought they would be.  Just looking at them makes me feel like a little girl in a magical land . . . where everything might be possible.


Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

I had one and over the course of three years I liked a hole into the back of it! Hahaha

farmlady said...

I was fascinated by these eggs when I was a child. I hadn't thought about it in years.
Like all things in your childhood, it was a "magical" gift. I too thought that a chicken or goose laid them. How wonderful to have the gift of childhood reason.
What fun to collect them...

Chickens in the Basement said...

fun! I've not seen those before. They look edible!

Anonymous said...

My mom used to make those! One year (1st or 2nd grade)she made one for each kid in my class--not a panoramic one, just a decorated one. I was so offended when some of the kids started eating them.


Claudia said...

oh my gosh, I forgot about these! I always wanted one, too, and my parents never gave me one! I was just a bit envious of my friends who got one. Do they still make them or can you only get a vintage one?


Mumsy said...

Those are beautiful eggs, Renee!

Marydon Ford said...

G'eve Renee ~ The eggs are gorgeous! I remember as a child we always received one of these eggs at Easter.

Happy spring!
Have a beautiful week.
TTFN~ Hugs, Marydon

bad penny said...

That is so sweet...glad you finally got one ! I can see wht you would want one as a child...
I desperatly wanted a Pug or Chiwawa dog ! I can't believe that now as I like big dogs

MomInTheTrench said...

I haven't thought about these since I was a little girl and my grandma had one! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

I'm glad to have found you. I look forward to going back through your blog.

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