Thursday, March 25, 2010

Have You Met My Grandma?

Have you met my grandma? 

You should. 

Allow me.  

She was a delightful lady who had ways all her own and opinions to match and yet never hurt anyone. 

She was a true lady.  She always wore perfume and dressed in mostly pastels, declaring black "much too sad."  She matched her purse, her shoes, and often even her lipstick to her sweater which matched her slacks and somehow she always looked elegant.  She was not seen without her hair done and her makeup on.  When I spent a weekend with her, she would paint my nails to match hers . . . "our little secret," because I wasn't really allowed.  She always remembered to take it back off before I went back home.  Except that once. 

She matched her bed clothes to her bedroom decor.  This was a revelation to me when I was a child.  My bedroom was pink, but I slept in all colors and patterns, until the day my grandma and I were out shopping.  I picked out a powder blue nightgown.  "But your bedroom is pink, Honey . . . this pink one will look much nicer."  "But Grandma, who sees me when I'm sleeping?"  "You do, Dear."  My first lesson in taking pride in myself for myself's sake. 

My grandma hosted all the major holidays.  She cooked enough for an army, but did it with lavish style and love.  And she often put Santa Claus to shame with her personalized gifts amassed throughout the year. 
She wore red, white, and blue on the Fourth of July and took us to every neighborhood parade in town.  Quite a feat when they all ran at practically the same time. 

She listened to opera music and easy listening and held her head up high when her teenage-grandchildren-detractors teased and jeered.  She eventually won me over to opera music, but never knew.

My grandma loved licorice and Johnny Carson and a good sleepover.  She would enthusiastically participate in my ongoing experiment to try to stay up all night.  She taught me to play double solitaire and would find ways to lose often enough to fund my personal shopping wallet for the next day. 

She loved strawberries and had a big strawberry patch in her backyard.  She ordered only strawberry pie and strawberry ice cream. 

She was the one to tip me off, "Appear aloof to the boys who show interest in you," and to pinch my cheeks before answering the door. 

She also told me I was beautiful, and, God love her, I think she really meant it . . . even though I really wasn't beautiful. 

Have you met my grandma?  No, I know you haven't.  And now you won't.  Because she died.  She died on this day sixteen years ago.  And I miss her freshly every. single. day. 


bad penny said...

she sounds remarkable - mine was too. Pinching your cheeks - classic Grandma ! Love all your pics.

As for Dillon & Billy having matching legs - that spells DOUBLE TROUBLE !

farmlady said...

What a nice tribute to your Grandmother.
They play such a big part in our lives and it's kind of sad that we don't appreciate that until after they are gone. I had a wonderful grandma that I loved so much and was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with. Now, I get to be "Noni" to my grandsons. It's come full circle....

tdjunkie said...

Excellent memories. You made me smile thinking of the loved ones I have lost.

Gail said...

Oh Renee, I love your grandma. She sounds exactly what EVERY grandchild NEEDS.
What wonderful memories.

Chickens in the Basement said...

I knew I liked you before, but now...Isn't it amazing how much you can miss someone that you took for granted would always be there?

I was with my grandmother 6 years ago on Mother's Day when she died. I can't think of anywhere else I would rather have been.

Good memories!

Weza said...

What a wonderful grandmother. You have painted her picture so well. I hope that one day I will be a grandmother like that. I particularly love how she encouraged you to take pride in your appearance. Wonderful wonderful lady. xxx

sissie said...

Oh Sweetie,
I just love reading about your Grandma. You asked if I have met her, no, but I've met you and I think that you are very much your Grandma. She instilled in you wonderful things about life that now live on with you and someday you will pass on this love to your grandchildren.
I miss my Grandmom so much but I will always have the most wonderful memories of her love for me.

hugs to you and thanks for sharing her with us.


Terra said...

Your grandma as you describe her was so perfect, a real lady. I like that she coordinated her clothes, her purse, her hat, her lipstick and that she told you that you are beautiful.

Mumsy said...

Yes, me too! I love your grandma and wouldn't mind having one like her. She sounds just perfect for any child to have.

Anna Bartlett said...

I think I would have liked your Grandma a lot.

I certainly like reading your memories.

SheilaC said...

Such a sweet tribute to your grandma.... you are lucky to have so many wonderful memories of the times you shared...

thank you for sharing with US


Tina said...

I lost my dear Grandma Vivian on 2/25/10 at the age of 97 and miss her every day too. Your post is a lovely tribute to a wonderful lady. She sounds a lot like my Grandma, actually. I can see them playing bridge in the same club, both elegantly dressed, then afterwards rushing off to the next thing on their list, then hurrying home to get ready because we were coming over to spend the night. I want to be a grandma like that.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

What a Grandmother!!! :-))))

Gentle hugs...

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