Friday, December 18, 2009

Concert Update

Well, we went to the Christmas concert at my kids' school last night.  If you missed the prelude to this story, you can find it at An Encounter with a Scrooge.  To say I was lacking the spirit would be an understatement.  Gritted teeth and folded arms . . . I offered those around me $50 if they'd boo the music teacher's bow at the end.  No takers.  Drat!  Catholic school parents can be such goodie-goodies sometimes.

That was a tough night, but we all got through it, and I'm exceedingly proud of my son for still wanting to go.  All I can say is he's a bigger man than me . . . and that's saying something since he's nine and, well, I'm a woman.


bad penny said...

ha ! these concerts used to go on for about three hours when my two were at primary school. Someone's mobile phone went off .... she was one of the classroom assistants - OOPS the head glared at her !

Chickens in the Basement said...

You're a good mom!

Merry Christmas!

Chicken Boys said...

I played the saxophone in elementary and jr. high. My mom usually just dropped me off for concerts and such.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Glad you all got through it. I think it was big of him to still want to attend, and I think it was big of you to support him. I would be upset with her, too, but I think that the Lord might just teach her a lesson at some point. That's what I've always found when things like this happen.


Sheila :-)

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